College Basketball ACC Predictions: The Bottom Five

College Basketball ACC Predictions

#15: Wake Forest

20 Game ACC prediction: 5-15

Things haven’t been going too well for Wake Forest, and things don’t look like they will be getting much better. The Deamon Deacons got rid of coach Danny Manning and his bloated contract, and the hire of Steve Forbes seems promising.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t promising enough to attract recruits for the class of 2020. Wake ranks dead last in the ACC for recruiting, and 97th overall; very unimpressive for a school that is part of the number one conference in basketball.

While Forbes will try to right the ship, it won’t be easy. Wake Forest finished 14th in the conference last year, and it’s 6-14 conference record was tied for worst in the conference. It will be a rough year in Winston-Salem, and a conference-worst season is quite possible.

#14: Boston College

20 Game ACC prediction: 7-13

BC fell flat on their face at the end of the 2019-20 CBB season, losing six straight. Unfortunately, it seems possible they could drop even lower than their 13-19 record last year. Much like Wake Forest, the Eagles have a largely unimpressive recruiting class. Ranking 14th in the conference and 81st overall. With only two recruits and one four-star, Demarr Langford, it will be a struggle for Boston College to find a brand new impact player.

One of BC’s best players, Jay Heath, will need some help from his teammates if the Eagles want to make an impact in 2020.

#13: Pittsburgh

20 Game ACC prediction: 8-12

A lot of Pittsburgh’s success will hinge on their recruiting class–a common theme in the ACC so far. While Pittsburgh technically finished dead last in the ACC a few months back due to their T-conference worst record, they made a splash on the recruiting trail, currently in the top 30 overall and number 7th in the ACC, with two four-star recruits.

While recruiting helps, it doesn’t instantly turn you into a contender. Ultimately, however, it will certainly help. In this extended offseason, the Panthers have performed better than the two teams behind them, and they look to improve and possibly leave the ACC basement in 2020-21.

#12: Miami

20 Game ACC prediction: 8-12

Miami finished middle-of-the-road last year, but they are in danger of falling below that mark this year. Their 15-16 record was not helped by the fact that they only finished 7-13 in conference play. While they may receive a boost in conference play, but that may not be enough to boost them out of the bottom tier.

Hurricanes coach Jim Larrañaga, who is about to turn 71, will be aided by two four-stars brought in this year by recruiting. Earl Timberlake (Ranked #35 nationally) and Matt Cross (Ranked #86) will both be suiting up in the green and orange and will be working to carry Miami to the top half of the ACC.

#11: Virginia Tech

20 Game ACC prediction: 8-12

Virginia Tech should stay around the same this year, but unfortunately, that means they will hang out near the bottom of the conference. Coach Mike Young, in his maiden season with the Hokies, will attempt to improve a team that finished exactly .500 last year. Fortunately, he will retain a lot of talent, including VT’s leading scorer from last year, JR Devin Vassell.

He will also get a slight boost in recruiting, as Virginia Tech touts the number 8th recruiting class in the ACC, with four-star Joe Bamisile leading the way. While the Hokies will try to improve on their 16-16 record, but it won’t be easy.

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