Colin Cowherd Despises Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns


The Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield have already made Colin Cowherd eat his own words publicly once.

The time has come again, Cleveland.

Cowherd’s despise for Baker Mayfield has never been a secret. Cowherd dedicated a portion of his show to explain why he thought Baker Mayfield was, in his own words, “undraftable.”


In 2018 the Cleveland Browns selected Mayfield with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. Mayfield went on to break the rookie season passing touchdown record en route to improving the Browns’ wins by a margin of seven over the previous season.

The disdain from Cowherd towards the Cleveland Browns only grew stronger. Cowherd is now back making headlines by throwing shade towards new Browns running back, Kareem Hunt, bringing up the fact that Hunt is from Ohio and that is where Hunt was suspended both in college and as a professional for off-the-field actions.


Essentially, if you become a Cleveland Brown, Colin Cowherd will immediately find something negative to say about you as his opinion.

Another attention-seeking statement that Cowherd made is claiming that Odell Beckham, Jr. doesn’t actually want to play for Cleveland. Here is the clip in which Cowherd spewed this hot take:

Baker Mayfield has fired back publicly on Twitter to Cowherd’s comments, telling Cowherd to ask Beckham himself. Cowherd has a personal vendetta against Mayfield. Now other members from the Cleveland Browns organization are being included into the controversy as well.

Cowherd doesn’t attempt to demean any team like he does Cleveland.


Cowherd isn’t talking about the Steelers, who recently lost two of the best offensive players in the team’s history. Nor is he discussing how the Steelers’ locker room is just as volatile as any NFL locker room after the statements made by former players and reports of Roethlisberger’s “owner-type mentality.”

Instead, he makes a case for them to win the AFC North.

He also isn’t throwing shade on Bengals’ players, even though the Bengals are predicted to finish behind the Browns in the newest predictions. As off-putting as Cowherd is when anyone claims he has something against Cleveland and Baker, the proof is there. Cleveland is a clearly much-improved team on paper compared to the roster they had to end the 2018 season.

Cowherd is likely to continue his streak involving the Cleveland Browns.  He’ll do this by being wrong about the functionality of the Cleveland Browns in 2019. His comment about the Browns not finishing above the Steelers in the division since 1989 was a jab directed the Cleveland organization.

It is time to break that streak, Cleveland.

Browns fans know what this team is capable of right now behind Baker Mayfield. The pieces that the Browns added to help Mayfield propel the offense to the next level are very exciting.

However, it’s important to notice all of the excellent defensive additions also. The Browns and their new head coach will have a lot to prove in this upcoming season as they look to respond to the critics like Cowherd.


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