Can the Panthers Rely on Teddy Bridgewater?

The Carolina Panthers are an interesting team going into 2020. While they signed Teddy Bridgewater, they are also in the process of rebuilding. Bridgewater is a veteran quarterback who can help the Panthers rebuild and be the captain of their offense.


Bridgewater is entering his sixth season at the NFL level. He has a lot of experience and can still play the game smart. He brings a veteran presence to the table at the perfect time when Carolina is trying to rebuild. He also has lots of talent and can throw and scramble very well. Possessing the ability to read a defense at a higher level than the league average, Bridgewater has served his time as a backup and a starter over the years. He will help Carolina by giving them several options through the air and on the ground. He can run just as good as he can throw while maintaining impressive accuracy. He has a good set of eyes to scan the field; his veteran presence will help the Panthers.

Staying Healthy

Bridgewater has to stay healthy if Carolina wants their rebuild to go faster. He will develop as an everyday starter and adapt to his new team faster if he stays healthy. Bridgewater can’t afford to get injured because that would throw everything off from the Panthers’ game plan. They are expecting him to play up to his expectations and be 100 percent ready for the season.

Bridgewater will be a solid starting quarterback because he can run and throw with accuracy. He will not be responsible for many turnovers and can help the Panthers’ offense put points on the board every drive. If the defense struggles, the flashy quarterback will need to take control and power the offense.

The Opportunity

Bridgewater has a great opportunity in Carolina. The Panthers are a good fit for him and he will flourish in Charlotte. While he will need weapons to help him, that will come with patience. The Panthers are happy to have a hard-working athlete like Bridgewater, and he will be ready to go in 2020.

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