Breaking: Fan Source Network announces partnership deal with Prime Time Sports Talk

Terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, but it’s intent is a collaborated effort to grow both networks.

Fan Source Network, a unit of Fan Source Media Group, and Prime Time Sports Talk today announced a partnership between the two sports coverage networks. The entities have entered a long-term agreement to collaborate and unify in branding and sponsors, in an effort for growth their reach across the board.

Prime Time Sports Talk CEO, Sam Gordon, had this to say about the partnership, “The only way you grow is together. I love what Fan Source has been doing and respect their work tremendously.”

As it pertains to the expected outcome of the partnership with Fan Source, Gordon had this say, “I believe with Fan Source Network as a part of our brand at Prime Time Sports Talk, we have taken the next step toward expanding our sports spotlight nation-wide.”

Little details have been, or will be, brought to light to the public, but it appears that Nick Athan, Fan Source Network’s Director of Development, sees the deal as a big step for both sides.

“When Keaton Henry and I founded Fan Source Network earlier this year, we envisioned growing at a rapid rate. Today, we formulated a branding partnership with Prime Time Sports Talk to expand our reach into new markets,” Athan stated. “Further, this opportunity allows Fan Source Network to develop more quality content for our fan-based sports sites. I want to personally thank Sam Gordon for his persistence and vision in seeing the value in forming this alliance.”

Though both networks appear to keep things under wraps as it pertains to the agreement, the expectation is clearly for the ownership groups to build a product that sports fans across the world can appreciate and be a part of. Fan Source Network’s NFL Content Director, Andersen Pickard, sees the partnership as an opportunity for a bright future ahead for both sides.

“This partnership is something that took off rapidly over the past few days and I’m super proud of our new ties to Sam’s site, Prime Time Sports Talk,” said Pickard. “Sam, Keaton, and Nick have all done fabulous work getting all the details hammered out and I’m excited for the future Fan Source Network within this partnership.”

Once again, the main goal of this partnership is to ensure that all sports fan across the world are being reached with quality content and a resource that they can count on.

Keaton Henry is the Network Director of Fan Source Network. Follow him on Twitter.

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