Brady’s Desired Contract Revealed

The New England Patriots reportedly have an idea of how much they need to dish out to keep Tom Brady.

On Damon Amendolara’s show, NFL Network’s Mike Giardi gave an update on what Brady’s camp wants.

“I just know in talking to people around him that the lack of the multi-year extension that he thought was coming, and then pile that on [with the fact] that he’s continued to take the hometown discount, he feels like he deserves multi-years,” Giardi told the DA Show. “He feels like he deserved market value. I don’t see the Patriots doing either one of those two things, so that will be an incredible game of chicken.”

Brady according to Giardi, is going to want that multi-year contract he has been seeking in previous years. Giardi also claims that it does not matter if it is Brady, head coach Bill Belichick already has a set value that he will not go higher than.

“I think Bill [Belichick] is clearly in the mindset, ‘You’re not the $35 million quarterback. If you want to come back, we’ll have you back, but we’ll have you back at our price, and I can give you more help,’” Giardi said. “‘I have more money to play with to do things not only during free agency and on the trade market, but even during the season.’”

While Robert Kraft is willing to great deal of money to Brady, even the owner Giardi says, has limits.

If Tom comes back and says, ‘The Chargers are offering two [years] and $70 [million],’ I think he looks at him and says, ‘We’ve never done that. We’ve never allocated that much money of our cap to one player.’ I think Kraft has already laid the ground work for the notion that we want him back, but it’s got to be a mutual thing,” Giardi told Amendolara. “It’s got to be something that’s beneficial for both sides, and we’re not going to just do it because it’s going to benefit him and we get to save his quote-unquote legacy here. . . . We want him, but we want him to a certain reason and a certain financial place. If he decides he wants to exceed that, well, then it’s not on us. That’s on him.”

Brady officially becomes a free agent on March 18.

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