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NBA Mock Draft: Projecting the First Round with the Draft Order Set

The 2020 NBA Draft Lottery can be added to the history books, with the Minnesota Timberwolves set to start the festivities for the second time in their history. Compiled from data, team tendencies/priorities, and conversations I’ve held with agents and members of front offices around the league, here’s how I see the first half of draft night winding up.

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The Scorecrow Presents: The NCAA Basketball GOAT Challenge

This past March, there was no college basketball. I’m not trying to bring that back up to rub salt in the wounds, just to set a scene. Because ESPN’s response to the lack of basketball was to replace it with

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Here's How to Make This NBA Season Not Have Been a Complete Waste

So, as you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re, um, having a bit of a problem at the moment.

I haven’t mentioned it yet because almost every article I’ve seen for weeks has been about it, but we’re in the midst of what’s likely to be the worst pandemic in at least 60 years, a financial collapse that will shatter our economic systems as we know them, and – definitely not worst of all – no basketball.

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How Not to Be a Top-3 Pick: What Happens When a Player Busts Before They Make the NBA?

Josh Elias | April 4th, 2020

Looking back in time, it’s baffling that no one was willing to take a flyer on Ben Wallace in the same draft that Vitaly Potapenko, fresh out of Wright State, went in the lottery.

Even at the time, it seemed ludicrous for the Clippers to select Michael Olowokandi first in 1999. He only started in one of his three seasons at mid-major Pacific University, and college superstars Mike Bibby, Raef LaFrentz, and Vince Carter were all options, but no, they went with the Kandi Man.

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Utilitarianism, When Two Sports Clash, and the Dude Who Played an NBA Game and Never Got Paid for It

“The pupil who is never required to do what he cannot do, never does what he can do.”

One thing that’s always intrigued me about sports is the dying phenomenon of the multi-sport athlete at the professional level.

While sports, in general, are beginning to largely ditch specialists in favor of utilitarians, the greatest form of a utilitarian (no, I’m obviously not talking about John Stuart Mill) is no longer a thing.

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2020 NBA Trade Deadline Recap Roundtable

The Scorecrow Staff | February 10th, 2020

This past week, the NBA had the mid-season trade deadline, and as such, trades happened! Who woulda thunk?

At The Scorecrow, trade deadlines and draft days are our equivalent of a national holiday, so when the NBA’s largest trade in two decades went down to start the madness, we all just got drunk instead of doing our jobs and writing things. Sorry Johnnie.

Either way, here are the trades, and here are our thoughts. I, for one, don’t have them often, so y’all better appreciate the rare occasion. – Josh

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Some Thoughts About the Mamba – Scorecrow Staff

The Scorecrow Staff | January 27th, 2020

After the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and eight other people in a helicopter accident on Sunday morning, many of our writers wanted to share a few words about Kobe’s impact on us.

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Kobe Bryant Dies at 41 Years Old: His Legacy as a Player and, More Importantly, a Person

Former Los Angeles Laker, NBA Hall of Fame nominee, and five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant has died this morning at the age of 41.

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Happy New Year, Here's The List to Kill All Lists

You know what I can’t stand? Lists.

All these lists are around in the sports world that try to rank players, teams, positions, eras, and whatever else people can find to put numbers next to in order to start some sort of ridiculous argument among Redditors and Twitterers and Facebookites.

Well, I’m tired of it. I’ve seen too many lists – especially all these best blankety-blank-blank of the 2010s lists.

And now that the 2010s have officially come to a close, I sincerely hope sports listicles go away with the end of the decade.

It’s time for me to play my part in killing lists by making the lengthiest, most useless list of all.

Here’s The Scorecrow’s official ranking of the Top 2010 Athletes of the 2010s, organized not at all by any sort of skill level or accomplishments, but instead by who pops into my head first. I will also provide zero analysis beyond the list itself because no one else that writes lists ever does to any meaningful extent. So why would I?

You’re welcome.

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Meet Roy Rubin, The Worst NBA Coach Ever

The last three coaches to lead their team to an NBA Championship have done so in their first year as a head coach.

Before them, only three other coaches (George Senesky, Paul Westhead, and Pat Riley) had done so since 1950.

That’s a great sign for innovation in the NBA.

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