Anthony Davis Would ‘Definitely Consider’ Playing for the Chicago Bulls

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune this past Friday at Kenwood Academy’s Nike Rise camp, Anthony Davis was given an intriguing question.

When asked if he wanted to play for his hometown team the Chicago Bulls, the six time All-Star said he “would definitely consider it.” If you’re a Lakers fan, you’re probably a bit upset.

The problem isn’t that he said he would play for the Bulls, it’s the point in time at which he said it.  An appropriate response would have been to deflect the question and say something like, “I’m focused on bringing a championship to LAL this year and will revisit this question in the future.”

Davis is only signed for one year, so if the Lakers don’t win a championship this year, a statement like this should worry a Lakers fan even more.

That’s the problem in the league today. Everybody is looking for a quick championship hopping from team to team. Nobody wants to stick together through hardship and build chemistry in order to eventually win a title.

Sure, there are some players who go against that notion like Damien Lillard, but a lot of these star players are turning into impatient ring chasers.

We’ll see what follows this statement by Davis, and it seems likely the media will make it seem much more than it really is. But when you say something like this on a one year contract you have to expect lots of media attention.

I personally don’t think Davis will land in Chicago any time soon, but you never really know what will happen in today’s league.

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