8 Reasons to Watch the NFL

8 reasons to watch the nfl

The NFL is one of the most loved sports in America, and television has revolutionized how we interact with these sports. Imagine if you were a football fan, and you couldn’t access your TV! What horror! There are so many reasons to watch the NFL, and not only is it just for the love of the sport, of course sports betting is another reason to watch the NFL, as you can see if you visit this site.

However, there are many other reasons you should watch the NFL. Let’s check the top 8 reasons why you should watch the NFL.

1.  Game-Day Bars

No one can deny that there is just nothing quite like the mood in a bar while you all sit and watch your team play a game. The cheering, drinking, booing, the overall joint feeling of the room brings a camaraderie that you do not get anywhere else.

Random strangers will hug it out when a touchdown is scored. Those two guys, who have never met each other before, will weep on each other’s shoulders at a loss. You’ve never met one another before, but thanks to this game, in this place, it’s like you are long-lost siblings.

What could be better than that? The NFL brings people together.

2.  The Biggest Hits

Those big moments that go down in history will always be amazing, and you do not want to miss them. Okay, you could listen to the game on the radio, you could watch on your phone but live at a game or on TV, these biggest hits will be things you can never unsee.

People will always talk about these biggest hits and in 20 years if someone asks you if you remember the moment it happened, being live at the game, or sitting on your couch biting your fingernails, you will remember and reminisce the moment you saw history in the making.

3.  Weekly Game Day

What is good about the NFL is the games are not so regular that you’re sprinting home from work to catch the game. You do not need to rush your day so that you can launch yourself in front of the TV to catch it. Your team will typically play once a week in the NFL season, and when you know when they are playing, you can plan your week around that, and you will avoid the stress of desperately trying to catch each game within a busy week. It’s perfect! You can get your jersey ready, make sure you have enough beers in the fridge, or even plan a home watch party with your buddies.

4.  All of the action

While we will talk about the commercials later, we have to discuss how much we love the length of time between the commercials. Some sports will have so many commercials that we feel like we are watching more commercials than games. However, the NFL is not like that.

If you turn on the TV to watch the game, you will typically find that the commercials are not as jam-packed as in other sports, and you get more of the action.

5.  Commentators

We can’t lie here. We love the commentators. The NFL undoubtedly has some of the best commentators in sports. They have also got the best pre-game shows, halftime shows, and post-game shows.

They have guys like Joe Buck, Phil Simms, Greg Gumbel, and so on, and they are fantastic. We just love hearing everything they have to say.

No other sport has got quite the in-depth game analysis or play-by-play like the NFL does.

6.  Fantasy sports

When you watch the NFL, you also open up the world of fantasy football. If you are in a league, you will see the NFL and you get all the major scores and statistics throughout whatever game you happen to be watching.

So not only are you thinking about your own real team, but you will also think about your fantasy team. Watching the sport and being involved in the fantasy football side of it is exhilarating.

7.  Those commercials

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily exactly something to do with the game itself, but we can all agree that the commercials are entertaining. Even though they can be a bit annoying, they can also be great fun, and they keep you entertained even when the game isn’t on.

No other game has commercials quite like the NFL does.

8.  The Super Bowl

As if you needed any other reason. The Super Bowl is not the best of seven, and it defined the term ‘no tomorrow’. Families from all over the nation tune in to watch the Super Bowl. It even needs two weeks of media coverage prior to the kickoff to give the public all the info they need on the game ahead. The Super Bowl is reason enough.

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