6 Things Every Kentucky Derby First-Time Attendee Should Know

6 things every Kentucky Derby First-Time attendee should know

After the Kentucky Derby got moved to September 5 last year due to the commotion brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, it returns to its original placement this year. On May 1, 2021, the Churchill Downs racetrack gates will open again to celebrate the 147th running of the “Fastest Two Minutes In Sports.”

Every year, the Kentucky Derby opens up the U.S. Triple Crown Series. It highlights twenty fresh breeds of racehorses grappling on the dirt track. Apart from the Derby, Kentucky Oaks is also happening a day before the Derby to make way for female horses who want to earn an impressive racing achievement.

Although the COVID-19 is not yet contained, Churchill Downs Incorporated is tentatively looking forward to bringing back this event’s festivities. With stricter health protocols, audiences might be allowed but should be limited in number. If you’d like to go to this event for the first time, here are the things you should bear in mind while you check the odds of the participating horses taking part in the betting game.

Kentucky Oaks Come First Before The Derby

The Kentucky Derby is only a single event you can witness on the Kentucky weekend. Although it is the most anticipated, the Oaks occurs a day before the big racing tournament.

It is a traditional racing game for three-year-old fillies and geldings. When this race happens, the whole track is flooded with pink themes. Why? It is because pink is an iconic color supporting every woman surviving a tough illness.

Massive Crowds

When the Kentucky Derby happens, you have to expect hundreds and thousands of crowds attending the show. As stated, audience participation might be limited this year because of the pandemic, but you can still participate if you want to.

Tickets and hospitality packages are already available on the Kentucky Derby’s official website. Make sure to plan and be ready with the testing you’re required to go through. Also, social distancing is strictly observed inside the course, so you should be aware of the rules before packing your things up.

Tailgating Is Strictly Prohibited

The festivity that the Derby brings every year is overwhelming. The main events are the horse racing shows, yet people are looking for more. That said, tailgating is something that other fans are anticipating to do, but it is always prohibited.

It means you cannot bring any foods, beverages, or sharp tools inside the field. These things are available inside. You must have cash on-hand or a card to buy this stuff. Only valuables like phones are needed, so make sure to avoid bringing unnecessary things.

Get Ready For Kentucky Elements

The Kentucky Derby was never postponed because of the weather. So whether it falls on a gloomy, sunny, or rainfall, the racing continues to work out. Once you find yourself spectating for this event, you should get ready for the weather element.

Another thing is the festivity and tradition that this racing tournament provides. If you like to strut on the red carpet, you can come with your best rodeo outfit. Prizes await those who wear the most unique dresses or suits. Lastly, your Kentucky Derby experience is not complete without toasting a glass of Mint Julep, the official Kentucky Derby cocktail drink.

Kentucky Derby Celebrities

These celebrities can perhaps refer to the big and popular stars who’re gracing the show. If you want to see them, you can book tickets where it allows access to see these celebrities. It can either be on the seat assignment or the field places inside the racecourse.

Betting Games

Who else should forget the main reason why the Kentucky Derby is popular? Every year, it provides a tremendous number of betting games that you can wager and win. The Derby highlights from simple to more challenging horse racing betting games. The prizes depend on the difficulty level.

You might buy betting tickets directly at the cashier or bet using an online sportsbook. Whatever way you choose to bet, make sure to pick the horse you think will win and be keen with the amount you risk.


The Kentucky Derby is not only highlighting a notable horse racing competition, but it also celebrates the culture and tradition it can offer. It is why Churchill Downs Incorporated does its best in outlining the plans in this year’s celebration amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like the previous Kentucky Derby editions, the Run For The Roses aims to nail a unique celebration every year. The audience participating might be limited as the Derby comes, but it is indeed not shying away from highlighting the world’s toughest racehorses. Hence, if you are a first-time attendee to this horse racing show, then make sure to take note of the things above to avoid a bad experience.

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