2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: JC Latham

JC Latham NFL Draft Scouting Report - Alabama 2024

The NFL Draft will begin on April 25, 2024. We take a look at JC Latham, a powerful gap-blocking tackle with freakish physical traits.

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Latham was rated as a five-star recruit and fifth overall prospect by ESPN and 247 Sports coming out of high school. He committed to Alabama over schools like Ohio State, LSU, Oregon, and many more.


In his three-year career at Alabama, he gave up two sacks and 30 pressures through 25 starts and 1,891 snaps. His 2023 season resulted in an All-SEC First Team and Second Team All-American honors.

JC Latham, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

Name: JC Latham
Jersey: No. 65
Position: Offensive Tackle
School: Alabama
Class: Junior
Height: 6-foot-6
Weight: 342 lbs.


JC Latham’s Strengths

Latham shows unmatched power and is able to move any attempt of an anchor. He fires his second foot on downblocks which lets him unleash his power and clear gaps. On wide zone, he gets the necessary width and depth in his first step to reach wide shades. When blocking in space, he has the athleticism to get to the spot on time. Once engaged with a second-level defender, he shows off his mean streak by flattening and laying on top of them.

As a pass protector, he utilizes his long arms to end any power threat. He has enough power in his initial punch to stop any rush in its tracks. His pass set improvement during the 2023 season will make teams optimistic about his potential as a pass protector.

JC Latham’s Weaknesses

Despite the power, Latham lacks consistency in his footwork, specifically his ability to bring his second foot. No matter how strong an offensive lineman is, if he doesn’t bring his second foot, he won’t get push. During the reps where he doesn’t fire his second foot, he will lunge in an attempt to gain power.

Even after his pass protection improvement, he still trust his pass set against speed threats. He will turn his hips and run to get to the spot on time. When faced with inside counters, his lack of foot speed delays how long it takes him to go from a kick set to a power set. Though it improved as the season progressed, he still has occasional reps where he wouldn’t push off his inside foot, causing him to be off-balanced when engaging with the rusher.


Draft Projection: First Round 

Latham’s physical traits and sky-high potential will lead teams to consider him as early as the 10th overall pick. There will be no questions on his Day 1 impact in the gap-run game which will make downhill rushing teams tempted to select him. 

Though he has deficiencies as a pass protector, his constant improvement and dominant flashes will make him a worthy left tackle candidate. Teams may decide to keep him at right tackle and support him with chipping tight ends to start his career as he takes the necessary steps up.

Once Latham can develop into a steady pass protector and consistent run blocker, he will be able to use his physical traits in full effect and become a great offensive tackle.

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