2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Bralen Trice

Washington EDGE Bralen Trice, 2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report

The 2024 NFL Draft is loaded with edge rushers, including several projected to go in the first round. Amongst those players is Bralen Trice, one of the most proficient players available to be selected.

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Coming out of high school, Trice was a three-star recruit who ultimately committed to Washington. He’s spent the last few years there and made the All-Pac-12 First Team in 2022. In 30 starts so far, Trice has been sensational, recording 15 sacks, 24.5 tackles for loss, and 86 tackles. He has quickly emerged as a very integral player on one of the best teams in the nation.


Player Bio

Name: Bralen Trice
Jersey: No. 8
Position: Edge Rusher
School: Washington
Class: Junior
Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 260 lbs.

Player Breakdown

Pass Rush Skills (13/15)


Trice is able to consistently win at the point of contact, gain leverage, and bull-rush the blocker into the quarterback. This seems to be his go-to and most effective move. However, you can’t be a one-trick pony and succeed in the NFL. Unfortunately for Trice, it seems like that’s what he is currently. He has limited pass-rush moves, his hand usage isn’t very good, and his first step is inconsistent. His arsenal of moves definitely needs an expansion at the next level.

Explosiveness (8.75/10)

You don’t typically see bull-rushers with good explosion. That’s not the case with Trice. He’s capable of winning on the outside using his explosiveness to run past linemen. Trice uses this as a weapon often as he marries his speed with power. He puts all of his momentum into his blocker to bull-rush them into their own quarterback, which is part of what makes him so effective.

First Step (6.75/10)


Trice has a very inconsistent first step. There are times when he’s in sync with everyone. However, there are also times when he’s the last one off the line. That’s a noticeable problem. More often than not, Trice will be slower than most off the line, creating a significant disadvantage. It was a rare sight to see him win off the line and be one of the first ones out of his stance.

Bend (6.5/10)

Since Trice usually works inside, he doesn’t have much use for bending. In the few times he did use it, it was on and off. He has a big frame, so that’s a huge disadvantage when it comes to using this. However, he did make this work a couple of times in the run game where he got low enough and slipped past his blocker.

Hand Usage (8.25/10)

As mentioned, you can’t be a one-trick pony in the NFL and succeed. You need various moves in your arsenal to make yourself unpredictable. Trice’s hands are exceptional when it comes to winning at the point and gaining leverage. On the flip side, he hasn’t won many battles as a technician with his hands. He has limited pass-rush moves and seemingly always lets the blocker get in his chest when he tries to pull off a pass-rush move. Whether it’s him completely missing the blocker’s hands or mistiming it, it’s been a big issue for him.

Motor (9.5/10)

Trice has a relentless motor, continuously trying to get pressure on the quarterback. If his first move doesn’t work, he’s capable of countering with a second move and even a third move if necessary. Even if he’s double-teamed, he’s doing what it takes to get past it and make an impact on the play.

Run Defense (9.5/10)

Trice is one of the best run defenders in this draft. He’s able to win at the point of contact and gain control over the blocker. From here, he can shed and disengage whenever needed to make a play on the running back. He understands where his gap is; if a running back runs through it, he’ll be met. Something to be concerned about is his tracking. There are times he takes his eyes off the ball and ends up losing it, thus rendering him unable to make a play.

Line of Scrimmage Strength (9/10)

Like I’ve said before, Trice is always winning at the point of contact and gaining leverage on opposing linemen. This gives him excellent strength at the line of scrimmage. He’ll never give up ground and is even capable of pushing the blocker back if needed. Although his 260-pound frame isn’t bad, he might need to put on more muscle at the next level.

Football IQ (6/10)

This has been a problem for Trice and is an area for improvement. He’s been slow reading and reacting to plays which puts him in a bad position to make an impact. When there’s a hand-off, he tends to freeze longer than desired. There are also times when Trice is seemingly guessing and chases the player without the ball. He must improve.

Versatility (4.75/5)

Trice has the ability to play in either scheme. He’s athletic enough to succeed in a 3-4 yet big enough to perform in a 4-3. He’ll be at his best playing in a 3-4 so he can be a standup edge rusher and have a more effective bullrush. As for a 4-3, it’ll put him in a better position to stop the run.

Player Summary

Trice is a low-floor, high-ceiling prospect. Initially, he may take some time before he makes a real impact due to his lack of pass-rush moves and questionable instincts. However, with his strength at the line of scrimmage, ability to get leverage, and run defense, he represents as an intriguing prospect.

As mentioned before, Trice will fit in any scheme and be an asset. There are a plethora of teams that can use a versatile prospect like Trice. My favorite landing spot is the Denver Broncos who have had major troubles in the front seven. They rank last in rushing yards allowed, which is a department in which Trice can be an instant help.

Some other potential landing spots include the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, and Carolina Panthers.

Rookie Projection: Rotational Early Down Pass Rusher

Third-Year Projection: Borderline Pro Bowler

Player Comparison: Rashan Gary

Talent: Late First Round

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