2022 Senior Bowl: Jalen Tolbert Making a Name for Himself

Jalen Tolbert

Homegrown talent Jalen Tolbert is making a name for himself at the 2022 Senior Bowl. He’s one of the best receivers nobody’s talking about. Tolbert’s commute from his team locker room to the stadium for the Senior Bowl is less than a minute’s walk. Tolbert is a wide receiver for the University of South Alabama and is a Mobile, Alabama native. While his name has been under the radar for some time, he’s sure being talked about at the Senior Bowl.

The Mobile, Alabama native has played 40 career games, racking up 3,140 yards in 178 receptions on his way to 22 touchdowns. He has a very impressive 17.6 yards per catch. Thanks to his athleticism and route running, he’s performed so well, not to mention his yards after the catch. He does a great job exploding after the catch to break arm tackles.

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Underdog Mentality

Being dubbed an underdog his whole life, Tolbert embraces and loves the mentality. “I love being the underdog. People look over me for the level of completion, but that’s why I have the opportunity now to showcase my talent,” Tolbert said. “I’m going to show I belong here, and I’m one of the best.”

Role Model to Others

He said it was all about loyalty regarding his decision to play for his hometown team. “I wanted to be loyal, a lot of young guys from around here look up to me, and I wanted to be an example that you could do anything,” Tolbert said. “I’m here at the Senior Bowl, and I’m able to get drafted into the NFL, whatever aspirations and dreams these kids might have. I wanted to be a great role model.” Tolbert believes the talent offered at the Senior Bowl will elevate his game to a whole new level. “A lot of these guys are special. The special part of being here is that everyone can come together and help everyone grow,” Tolbert said. “We’ll all walk away with some new strengths we never knew we had.”


Tolbert said with his athleticism that he could play any sport at the next level. “I wanted to learn all the positions and be able to do anything I can for the team,” Tolbert said. “So I took it upon myself to continue to learn and grow as a football player.” He also has excellent vision, and you can see this when he makes on-the-fly adjustments to avoid open tackles. He described his performance against defensive backs at the Senior Bowl was to make plays. “Great talent I’m going up against, but at the end of the day, I have to go out and just make a play,” Tolbert said. “The balls in the air, and I have to go get it.”

Tolbert and the rest of the Senior Bowl resume practice Wednesday. Due to expected inclement weather, practice will be held in the Jaguar Training Center. For the players’ safety, only access will be the Senior Bowl media partners, NFL teams and digital staff, local and broadcast media. For Tolbert, he’ll be playing in his regular practice facility.

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