NFL Draft

NFL Draft

Denver Broncos 2022 NFL Draft Recap

The Denver Broncos were in a tough spot to start the 2022 NFL Draft.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2022 NFL Draft Recap

The Jacksonville Jaguars began with 12 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft but would trade-up twice throughout.

San Francisco 49ers 2022 NFL Draft Recap

The San Francisco 49ers had a draft that left the fan base scratching their heads.

Cincinnati Bengals 2022 NFL Draft Recap

After vastly improving their offensive line in free agency, the Cincinnati Bengals turned their attention to the draft.

Las Vegas Raiders 2022 NFL Draft Recap

It’s been a busy offseason for the Las Vegas Raiders, highlighted by a trade for star receiver Davante Adams.

Arizona Cardinals 2022 NFL Draft Recap

Instead of making a first-round pick, the Arizona Cardinals traded the No. 23 pick to the Baltimore Ravens for Marquise Brown and the No. 100 pick.

Buffalo Bills 2022 NFL Draft Recap

Looking to add to one of the most complete rosters in the game, the franchise had multiple needs as they hope to push through in the ultra-competitive AFC.

Carolina Panthers 2022 NFL Draft Recap

Yet again, the Panthers ceased a dreadful 5-12 season, which endured the wrath of the NFC South.

Gaffney’s Way Too Early 2023 NFL Mock Draft

Some say the perfect time to look at the upcoming NFL Draft is just days after the last one wrapped up. Psychotic, yes, necessary, probably not, but make no mistake, this 2023 Draft Class is expected to be loaded.

New England Patriots 2022 NFL Draft Recap

It was an interesting three days this past weekend for the New England Patriots and their fans.