2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Kingsley Enagbare

Kingsley Enagbare

Kingsley Enagbare is one of the better gems in this year’s draft. With a unanimous day two grades on him, he does have the potential to become one of the best players out of this draft class. On the other hand, Enagbare could become a player we look back on in fiveyears, wondering why he didn’t go in the first round. However, Enagbare is rightfully a day two prospect this year, but he can become a standout player from this class with the tools he has.

Enagbare has a long history of having success during his time in college. Coming out of Hapeville Charter Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, he had tremendous success in high school and is carried over to the Gamecocks program. With Enagbare being a leader and voice, his teammates and community can rely on, that is the most significant attribute he brings to the NFL. He is poised to be a great NFL player with numerous amount of accolades in his trophy case.

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Player Bio

Name: Kingsley Enagbare
Jersey: No. 1
Position: Edge Rusher
School: South Carolina
Class:  Senior
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 265 lbs
Games Watched: Clemson (2021), Texas A&M (2021), Georgia (2021), Troy (2021)

Major Injury History: Hip Surgery (2020)

Player Breakdown

Pass Rush Ability (13/15)

With pass-rushing being Enagbare’s strong suit, he is an under-the-radar player. While it doesn’t mean that he is as good as the top players in the draft, he is defiantly able to be a leading player on a team. However, he has a few areas of need that have to be worked on, but overall, he does have a very successful foundation. At the same time, he has a few rough patches in his game, and it’s not having a ton of pass rush moves. While Enagbare has many moves available to him, he doesn’t have the same repertoire as the top prospects in this draft.

Explosiveness (8.5/10)

With enormous explosive talent coming off the edge, he is a fierce competitor in this draft class. Coming off the edge with violent intentions, he can become a massive success in the league early on. However, with an explosive first step, it needs to be paired with a better hand punch to make it more effective. At the same time, his straight-line explosiveness isn’t the only thing that gets people excited. Lateral mobility is equally impressive, and mandates praise.

First Step (9/10)

He takes great angles with excellent first quickness and knows how to choose the fastest path to the quarterback. With his first step being significant in either the three-point or the two-point, he has many options available to him. However, he is fantastic at getting off the snap with no missing first steps or wasted movement in his get-off. At the same time, Enagbare is a prospect that relied heavily on his quickness but offered many other benefits. Furthermore, with a deadly first step, he can cause a lot of damage to opponents with how fast he is off the ball.

Bend (7/10)

Enagbare bend is superb, and the film shows it. He is a force off the edge with the ability to bend with some of the best in this draft class. However, he is someone who needs to become more flexible if he wants to become a top edge threat in the league. While he can become better at bending, he also will not become Von Miller off the edge. At the same time, he uses bend more in the run game over rushing the passer.

Hand Usage (7/10)

Enagbare use of his hand needs some work. However, more often than not, he will be putting his hands on his opponent first. Then, it’s just a matter of if his punch is accurate. Sometimes when he goes to punch, he lands it on the wrong part of the chest. At the same time, he can work on this and become better at accurately shooting his hand. However, while he has to become better at placement, he makes up for it with excellent hand strength. Furthermore, with above-average placement and extraordinary power, he can get around not having the best placement based on his strength.

Motor (7.5/10)

Enagbare motor tends to be stuck in first gear. However, he is stuck in seventh gear most of the time, and he’s running around trying to make every tackle. So while he can play fast and physically every snap, he can take a few plays off. At the same time, it isn’t a huge percentage of plays he takes off during the game, but it’s enough that it is cause for concern.

Tackling (8/10)

Tackling is an enormous strong suit of Enagbare, and he is a very willing tackler coming from the edge position. At the same time, he uses his long arms to reach out for the ball carrier and his immense grip strength to real in the tackle. However, he will have to get better at figuring out where the run is going. With his vast agility going after a ball carrier, he has no problem doing anything to stop the play.

Strength at the LOS (8/10)

The term violent intentions can summarize Enagbare strength at the line of scrimmage. Every snap he plays shows how he can bully opposing defenders against their will. But, at the same time, he is someone who needs to work on the use of leverage. His strength is impressive, but he does suffer from a lack of understanding of using leverage against his opponent.

Run Defense (7/10)

Enagbare needs to be better at maintaining his run fits and not getting pushed out of gaps. With his tendency to get rooted out of holes due to him peeking into the backfield and not trusting the scheme of the play. However, when he is peaking into the backfield, it often tends to have him lose leverage which makes him a negative on the space. While he does play with low hips and great extension when engaging blocks, he needs to play with more leverage.

Versatility (5/5)

Enagbare can play multiple positions across the defensive line during his pro career. While he played a lot of five-technique during his college career, he can play anywhere from a two technique to five in the NFL. However, he will be to become a more technically sound player if he is going to have that big a role. Furthermore, with his potential ability to be a three-down player for multiple techniques, he is a curious prospect to look at.

Player Summary

Overall, Enagbare is a prospect who demands the best from himself and his teammates. He is a natural-born leader who was a standout in South Carolina. With only a few holes in his game, he is a gem on day two. However, while the holes in his game are mental errors or a lack of thinking, they aren’t technical. At the same time, he does have a lot of great attributes that he brings to the table, and it’s clear that he is going to have a long career where he makes a few pro bowls. With a very high ceiling, he can become a monster that moves around the defensive line and wreaks havoc on opposing offensive coordinators.

Rookie Projection: Impact Pass Rusher

Third Year Projection: High-End Starter

Final Grade (80/100): Early Third-Round Pick

Player Comp: Yannick Ngakoue

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