2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jack Coan

Jack Coan

Jack Coan had an excellent senior session leading the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to an 11-1 regular-season record before coming short in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl. The success has gotten the former three-star prospect some draft hype. Regardless of whether he gets drafted, teams will be looking at the Notre Dame product.

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Player Bio

Name: Jack Coan
Jersey: No. 17
Position: Quarterback
School: Notre Dame
Class: Senior
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 223 lbs

Games Watched: Cincinatti (2021), USC (2021), Florida State (2021)

Major Injury History: None


Player Breakdown

Arm Talent (6.5/15)

Coan’s arm is decent but will not blow many away. He can push the ball outside the numbers, but the passes may not have enough zip to be consistent at the next level. Coan relies on fluidity rather than pure strength when passing the football. However, he did flash the ability to make throws plenty a lot of force across the middle of the field.


Coan does not always have the power to get the ball to his target on off-balance throws, leaving some passes short or in the defender’s hands. He does not always have enough power on the passes on deep passes but flashed the ability to hit his receivers in stride from 20-30 yards down the field. Coan can manage the speed of his throws which is impressive.

Accuracy (8/15)

Accuracy is not a strength for Coan but is also not a significant flaw. He sometimes leaves his throws high, which forces the receiver to jump or adjust and can limit yards after the catch. Coan was not always accurate on dump-off passes to his running back, which raises concern. When throwing deep, his lack of arm strength limits his accuracy.

Decision Making (12/15)

Coan is a reasonably good decision-maker. Sometimes he leaves deeper throws open for the safer route and takes his fair share of shots down the field. Coan has a decent understanding of when to throw the ball away and does not take too many unnecessary risks. However, he attempts throws he can not find success with occasionally.

Progressions (7.5/10)

Moving through reads is another pretty good trait for Coan. He moves his eyes around the field well and can adjust if his first read is not open. However, he is much more efficient when a play pans out as hoped. Coan is not as accurate when he moves to his later reads and sits in the pocket for a few seconds.

Pocket Awareness (7/10)

Coan’s pocket awareness is good. He understands when pressure is coming and does an excellent job throwing the ball before it is too late. Sometimes when adjusting in the pocket, Coan unnecessarily steps up too far, limiting room for the throw. His accuracy suffers when facing pressure, but he is rarely shaken up by it.

Anticipation/Touch (8/10)

One of the most impressive areas of Coan’s game is deciding when to throw with touch or zip. When throwing deep, he understands when to loft the ball in. However, Coan is not always entirely accurate on deep passes. Anticipation is another area he is good in. Coan does an excellent job of reading the field and understanding where opposing defensive backs will finish most of the time before making a throw.

Out of Structure (2.5/10)

While Coan can move his legs to escape pressure, moving out of the play’s structure is not ideal for him. He is not as accurate when he is forced to throw while speeding up his mechanics because of the pocket breaking down. Coan does not have an elite arm, which hurts him on off-balance throws.

Mobility (2/10)

Coan is not very mobile. While he can run when facing pressure, he often opts not to because he is not fast. Coan’s playstyle relies on him being in the pocket and allows his smooth mechanics to thrive rather than making a tough throw on the run or scrambling.

Mechanics (4.5/5)

His mechanics are good. He has a very fluid release and understands how to change his throwing speed without his mechanics differing. The knock against Coan’s mechanics is when he has to throw on the run. He has to adjust because he does not have a powerful arm when doing so.

Player Summary

Coan may not get drafted, but he provides some traits teams could be looking for. He has good mechanics and solid anticipation/touch. However, his lack of elite arm talent and mobility will hurt Coan’s stock in April. He flashed the ability to make high-level plays throughout college, but the lack of upside is a concern for the Notre Dame produce.

Rookie Projections: Practice Squad

Third Year Projections: Out of the NFL

Final Grade (58/100): Undrafted Free Agent

Player Comp: Mac Jones

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  1. Jack Coan Notre Dame as Draft Scout Zerlein says is the sleeper of the draft. He led Notre Dame to an 11-2 record. He’s tall has a great arm he can change speeds on his throws accurate. He was the best quarterback during the week at the Shrine Bowl. He won the Pat Tillman award. He broke the ND opening day passing record 366 yards. At the Fiesta Bowl he threw for 506 yards. The other prospects went to less known Football colleges where the game is more than a step slower. Jack should go in the second round or higher.

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