2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Greg Dulcich

Greg Dulcich

Greg Dulcich is one of the fastest and most athletic tight ends coming into this year’s draft. The four-year player out of UCLA only found success in the last two years of his college career. However, many people value him much higher than his production in college showed. The Reese’s Senior Bowl stand-out had a head-turning showcase where all of his skills were on display. However, once he became a starter and figured it out, he quickly became one of the best tight ends in the PAC-12.

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Player Bio

Name: Greg Dulcich
Jersey: No. 85
Position: Tight End
School: UCLA
Class: Redshirt Junior
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 250 lbs

Games Watched: USC (2021), LSU (2021), ASU (2021)

Significant Injury History: None

Player Breakdown

Blocking (12/20)

Dulcich doesn’t have a lot of muscle and will need to add more to be effective at blocking. Pass blocking will not be his strong suit with his limited height and strength. However, while pass blocking is his biggest weakness; he is adequate at run blocking. Dulcich can impact the running game if he is used as an H-back. Furthermore, if he can add more mass to his frame, he could become a good blocker. While he won’t be as efficient as George Kittle, he could become adequate for his team.

Route Running (12.5/15)

He is coming from a background of being a wide receiver in high school; his route running is already polished for his positions. Seeing him change his weight around and make sharp cuts when looking at him run routes makes his route running so polished. Dulcich’s most substantial asset is his ability to become another receiver when on the field. However, at 6’4″, he is a big body player who has an incredible knack for getting open and creating separation.

Release (6/10)

For a lot of his career at UCLA, he would line up at the Y, H, and F positions in which he showed excellent ability to release off the line. However, he has a great release with his superior footwork and speed off the line. When dealing with a more prominent corner, he uses his speed and frame to become open. However, Dulcich, one area that he could improve at is his profound route-running ability. Often, he wins due to his long speed or his frame. However, he isn’t winning off the line when going deep, and that could pose a problem in the NFL.

Tracking (6/10)

Dulcich has an excellent ability to track the football over his shoulder. With his profound threat ability, he has shown that he can create space when matched up on a linebacker or corner. Additionally, with his ability to jump to a high point of the ball, he is excellent at tracking the football. However, he already has much experience tracking the football, with his receiver background. While he does need to improve on catches near the sideline, his back-shoulder catches are perfect.

Run After Catch (7/10)

Dulcich has tremendous run after catch ability, and he shows it every time he gets the ball. While he mainly wins with speed and agility, it has to do with his route running ability. Dulcich uses his immense talent to create space and get around defenders. However, the one area that he lacks is a true physical imposing running style. He is more than happy running around defenders and zig-zagging around the field. But, at the same time, he needs to go through someone to get into the end zone instead of dancing around the area.

Hands/Ball Security (8/10)

Dulcich possesses solid hands and can protect the ball from oncoming traffic. However, he is a sure-handed player with a large catch radius and a high vertical jump. Coming from a receiver background, he has a natural ability to catch the ball and have ball security. Having never lost a fumble in his college career due to his strong hands.

Contested Catch (7/10)

Dulcich could grab the tough catches thrown at him. However, he won’t be a huge red zone threat to teams due to his lack of height. Dulcich’s most significant asset is his ability to play, make plays, and stretch the field. With his leaping ability and catch radius, he will be an effective weapon in the middle of the field. Furthermore, Dulcich has no issue going up and fighting for a jump ball, even if he isn’t guaranteed to come down with it.

Versatility (7/10)

Dulcich isn’t the most versatile tight end in this class. However, he does offer teams mobility in where to put him. With the ability to play him in most places, the one big glaring place you can’t is attached to the line to block. When Dulcich is attached to the line, he suffers in terms of his play. However, he is more than capable of lining up at a receiver spot and causing a considerable mismatch.

Athleticism (3.5/5)

With the sheer athletic ability that Dulcich has, he is more than good enough to become a mismatch for a team. However, he will need to add more mass and get stronger to be a starting tight end. In addition, while Dulcich is a playmaker in the passing game, he will often have to be subbed off the field in certain running situations. He has the speed and footwork to threaten defenses, but linebackers could push him around.

Player Summary

Overall, Dulcich is a fast and athletic tight end who can come in a stretch the field when needed. However, teams will look for him to add more strength and get better at blocking. He tends to have a narrow base when taking on blockers leading to him getting beat. With practice and added mass, be could become adequate at blocking. Dulcich’s most extensive skill set is his route running and ability to stretch the field. With his knack for creating space in the area and creating a miss-match for the defense, he is a nightmare for teams to defend.

Rookie Projection: Situational Tight End

Third Year Projection: Starting Tight End

Final Grade (69/100): Fifth Round Pick

Player Comp: Gerald Everett

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