2022 AMA Pro Motocross Recap: Ironman

AMA Pro Motocross Ironman Chase Sexton

The penultimate round of AMA Pro Motocross took things to the outskirts of Indianapolis and Ironman MX. Once the finale for a half-dozen-year stretch, the facility has since bounced around the final third of the schedule, but still remains the final east coast venue. If Pala next weekend favors Chase Sexton, this weekend going in favored Eli Tomac. The once again points leader has gone 1-2 here in back-to-back trips, with Sexton coming home a few spots worse on his end. After leaving a decent chunk of points on the table at Budds Creek, Tomac had the opportunity to rectify that with just one round left.

Meanwhile, Jett Lawrence was prepping for a potential ‘hat and t-shirt day’ to steal a football phrase. If things went well enough, he’d clinch his second consecutive 250 Motocross Championship over friend Jo Shimoda and brother Hunter Lawrence. If not, his chances of winning the title during Moto 1 next weekend remained high. Elsewhere, Haiden Deegan was making his anticipated professional debut as well. How would the young phenom fare against an uptick in competition?

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Barcia vs Ferrandis

As noted from last weekend in Budds Creek, Justin Barcia was flat-out disqualified from Moto 2 due to a wipeout pass on Dylan Ferrandis. The first look we got of this was trackside pictures, which certainly didn’t help Barcia’s cause any. Later during the week, Ferrandis put out a scathing statement on his Instagram, asking how “his team, sponsors, family, friends, trainer, support this?” Later saying that he will keep doing this and nothing will change.


There are a few things to take in here. Firstly, while Ferrandis has far from a squeaky clean record in regard to on-track incidents, has a right to say this. Especially considering that he was out for Ironman as a result of the incident. Secondly, this is now the third incident like this where Barcia has gone for the jugular on a pass attempt. Before this it was Malcolm Stewart at Salt Lake City Supercross (the more egregious incident), then Justin Bogle in San Diego.

While many (myself included) were quick to side with Ferrandis here, Barcia and the GasGas team released the post-race GoPro footage of the incident. Ferrandis definitely forced him off track, not by much but enough to where it was notable, before Barcia’s retaliation. With that in mind, was what Barcia did worthy of a flat-out DQ? I would ultimately say no, but the fact that he has been on probation for several months now almost certainly factored in, good bad, or indifferent.

250 Class

No. 1 Jett Lawrence – Honda HRC (1-3 for First Overall)

The hypothetical back-to-back title celebration will have to wait one more weekend for the Jett. Granted, it was looking like he was going to wrap things up in Moto 1 after he won and Shimoda was buried in the pack early. Lawrence then himself had to crawl out of an early hole, but was able to rally to a third, and win his seventh National of the season. Additionally, today marked the first time in a few weeks that he even led laps, let alone win a Moto. Now all Lawrence needs is nine total points next weekend and the 250 Motocross Championship is his no matter what.


No. 96 Hunter Lawrence – Honda HRC (3-2 for Third Overall)

If not for him jumping on a red cross flag, Hunter would have ended up in second for the day at Ironman. Those two points put him one up on Shimoda, to down one, and now 48 points out of the Championship lead. Not a bad day by any means for Lawrence, but it has just been one thing after another once he got the red plate after RedBud. If there is any solace to his current situation, finishing second in the points is still a possibility. Funny enough, his magic number is the same as Jett, nine points gained on Shimoda would do the trick.

No. 32 Justin Cooper – Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (6-5 for Sixth Overall)

Cooper has had a couple of rough outings in a row since being announced as the Team USA MX2 rider for Des Nations. While its not a panic button situation by any means, it’s worth noting he has been the third-highest running American rider in back-to-back Nationals. Outside of a great jump in Moto 2, Cooper was largely quiet on the day, bringing home a 6-5 after topping the 250 class in qualifying. He has just one more round to go before Des Nations, hopefully, he can end the year on a good note.

No. 438 Haiden Deegan – Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (34-24 for 31st Overall)

In his debut outing, give Deegan a vote of confidence. Looking at those results in a vacuum you may be confused, but context is king. Moto 1 was going well for Deegan, running just outside of the top 10, which is about where he should have been. Then he ended up going down hard in the closing stages. After going off on the cart, Deegan lined up for Moto 2, but went down again off the start. Visibly hurt, he showed a great deal of grit rallying from dead last to 24th, which must have impressed Jeremy Coker and the Star Yamaha guys. That was honestly more impressive to see as opposed to him getting a top-five. Deegan had every reason to call it a day and gutted it out anyway.

Ironman National 250 Class Top 10

1st No. 1 Jett Lawrence 1-3

2nd No. 30 Jo Shimoda 5-1

3rd No. 96 Hunter Lawrence 3-2

4th No. 24 R.J. Hampshire 2-4

5th No. 49 Nate Thrasher 4-9

6th No. 32 Justin Cooper 6-5

7th No. 36 Max Vohland 7-7

8th No. 31 Jalek Swoll 11-8

9th No. 48 Cameron McAdoo 10-9

10th No. 47 Seth Hammaker 12-10

(Hunter Lawrence and Justin Cooper each docked two points for jumping on red cross flag)

250 Class Point Standings After Ironman

1st No. 1 Jett Lawrence 478 Points

2nd No. 30 Jo Shimoda 437 Points (-41)

3rd No. 96 Hunter Lawrence 430 Points (-48)

4th No. 32 Justin Cooper 375 Points (-103)

5th No. 24 R.J. Hampshire 314 Points (-164)

450 Class

No. 23 Chase Sexton – Honda HRC (2-1 for First Overall)

Sexton and Tomac put together a pair of masterclasses at Ironman on Saturday. Despite no added points benefit, Sexton ended up with the National win after his pace forced Tomac into a mistake in a rut with little time left. Hard to fault him for what happened in Moto 1 however. When Tomac is operating at over 100 percent down the stretch in a Moto, there is almost nothing you can do. Even then, Sexton got by him before ET3 got him back in the opening corner.

Sexton may enter the final round of the season down a point, but he might as well be the outright Championship favorite now. He has been sensational at Pala in his 450 Motocross career and went 1-1 there just months ago. No one has gotten into deep waters with Tomac like this before outdoors. Can he seal the deal out west now?

No. 3 Eli Tomac – Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha (1-2 for Second Overall)

Even with a Land Shark sighting, Tomac wasn’t able to gain any ground on Sexton on Saturday. Not for the lack of effort mind you, but once again, he could be looking at even more points that got away should he not leave Pala victorious. With that said, Tomac was nothing short of incredible in Moto 1. When he hits that level of pace, there isn’t a soul on planet earth who is keeping up with him. He just might have to do that again next week to win his fourth, and perhaps his final 450 Motocross Championship.

No. 21 Jason Anderson – Monster Energy Kawasaki (6-4 for Fourth Overall)

Feels like this is the sixth time this season, but Anderson, again, made a charge from the back to the front in Moto 1 after a first-corner crash. As has been the case with the others, he made it well inside the top 10 and even got close to a top 5 in this case. For his efforts, Anderson finished just one spot off the podium for the Overall. Now with just one race to go on the year, Anderson is set to finish second in combined Supercross and Motocross points. Nothing short of a fantastic opening stint with Kawasaki.

No. 27 Malcolm Stewart – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing (11-8 for Eighth Overall)

You may not be noticing amid the title battle, but Mookie has quietly gotten better in his first three rounds back outdoors. His 11-8 secures him his first back-to-back top 10 overalls dating back to May/June of 2014. Shame that Stewart couldn’t come into the outdoor tilt fresh. It would have been nice to see him for the full 12, but there’s always next year.

Ironman National 450 Class Top 10

1st No. 23 Chase Sexton 2-1

2nd No. 3 Eli Tomac 1-2

3rd No. 7 Aaron Plessinger 3-3

4th No. 21 Jason Anderson 6-4

5th No. 28 Christian Craig 5-5

6th No. 5 Ryan Dungey 4-7

7th No. 94 Ken Roczen 7-6

8th No. 27 Malcolm Stewart 11-8

9th No. 61 Freddie Noren 9-10

10th No. 15 Dean Wilson 13-9

450 Class Point Standings After Ironman

1st No. 3 Eli Tomac 496 Points

2nd No. 23 Chase Sexton 495 Points (-1)

3rd No. 21 Jason Anderson 402 Points (-94)

4th No. 94 Ken Roczen 373 Points (-123)

5th No. 28 Christian Craig 335 Points (-161)

Week 11 PulpMX Fantasy Motocross Lineup

250 Class: Justin Cooper (All-Star, +3), Jorgen Talviku (+5), Ryder DiFrancesco (+7), Nate Thrasher (+1)

450 Class: Ryan Dungey (All-Star, +5), Cullin Park (+18), Justin Rodbell (+12), Joey Savatgy (No Handicap)

FFL: Ken Roczen and Justin Cooper (Successful and Unsuccessful)

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Main Image via Honda HRC


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