2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson is this year’s Joe Burrow. Originally thought of as a late-round prospect, Wilson has transformed into one of the most sought after quarterbacks in the 2021 class. Now, he has early first-round buzz with his dynamic rushing ability and over the top throws. Once selected, Wilson will line up as that team’s starter for years to come.

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Player Bio

Name: Zach Wilson 

Jersey: #1

Position: Quarterback 

School: BYU

Class: Junior

Height: 6’3” 

Weight: 210 lbs

Accuracy (9/10)

Wilson has very good accuracy. He will sometimes let the ball sail over his receivers at times, but that is on a rare occasion. Some throws that seem unlikely to get to the receiver, and somehow he manages to get it to them, even if they’re 50 yards on the opposite side of the field.

Arm Strength (8.75/10)

He can somehow throw 60-yard bombs across his body at any point. There are times when he sometimes doesn’t give the ball enough to get to his receivers, which requires them to backtrack to the ball.

Decision Making (8/10)

Wilson needs to figure out when to take his check-downs. There are way too many times where he tries forcing the ball downfield trying to play “hero-ball” when he could easily take the check-down option to get the first down. There are also cases where he tends to throw into double-coverage too much.

Progressions (8.75/10)

Wilson works through his progressions very well. There are some lapses where he locks onto one option and stares the receiver down where the passes get defended well or are in a place for the defender to make a play on the ball.

Mobility (9.75/10)

Wilson’s mobility is one of the most electrifying aspects of his game. He can make throws on the run that only a few in the NFL can make. He has similar mobility to Deshaun Watson but also has the tough-running style that Josh Allen has and isn’t afraid to try and brush off defenders.

Poise (9/10)

Wilson stands well in the pocket and knows how to take control of what the defense gives him. He isn’t afraid of his abilities and his teammates.

Pocket Awareness (8.25/10)

He sometimes stands too long in the pocket for too long, and it results in sacks. There are occasions when he steps into sacks, and he sometimes maneuvers out of the pocket as a result of happy feet.

Mechanics (8.5/10)

Some of Wilson’s mechanics are off. His footwork is sometimes sporadic, and his throwing angles could get him into trouble in the big leagues. He will not set his feet on some of his throws, but he has the arm strength to get the ball to the receivers. Some of these discrepancies will need to be fixed at the next level.

Anticipation (9.5/10)

Wilson has a bright football mind. He knows where his receivers should be, and he knows how to read defenses. His ability to read safeties is one of the best in the draft class at the quarterback position.

Competitive Toughness (5/5)

Wilson is a tough player that isn’t afraid of putting his body on the line for a first down or touchdown. In the Houston game this year, he led them to a comeback victory against the Cougars behind his exciting play.

Injury (4/5)

Surgery on right thumb in 2019. Surgery on right shoulder in February 2019. The thumb surgery isn’t a looming factor, but the shoulder is. Wilson throws with his right arm, and with some of the angles he throws at, there could be some concern a few years into his career.

Player Summary

Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the class. He is an electrifying prospect that could start right away if needed. The best option is for him to sit a few games or even a full season before implementing him into the lineup. Wilson could very well be one of the best young quarterbacks in the league in a few years, right up there with the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Watson.

Final Grade (88.5/100): Mid First Round

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