2021 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Tre Mann

Tre Mann

Tre Mann from the Florida Gators is a top prospect that could make an immediate impact on a team. The sophomore guard has the opportunity to see himself drafted in the lottery this upcoming draft. Mann was a highly scouted prospect since his time in high school, and in two years with the Gators, he is now amongst the top of talented guards in this upcoming draft. The Gators guard will be sought after by many teams looking for a combo guard, as his draft stock could rise right before the draft. 

Player Bio

Name: Tre Mann

Position: Combo Guard

School: Florida

Age: 20 

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 178 Ibs

Prototype: Combo Guard

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Finishing (8/10)

Mann has arguably the best floater and runner in this upcoming draft class. He is able to get the ball above bigger defenders, and can consistently hit them. Mann is shifty and crafty around the rim but can falter to finish at times. He always takes the ball up to the rim strong even against taller opponents. Mann also has a vendetta for the rim, as he always looks to attack with his head up. It is rare to see the guard look away from the rim with contact around him as he always tries to finish. 

Perimeter Shooting (8.5/10) 

Mann is an efficient shooter from the perimeter, as he shot 40 percent from the college three. He has shown to be able to make deeper threes from even past the NBA standards. He seems comfortable when shooting from deep, and will not hesitate if he has the open look. Although he only attempted just under five three’s a game, the guard will take advantage of the space given to him. 

Ball Handling (8/10)

Since Mann is a shifty and crafty guard, he is able to move around the half-court setting with ease. As a pick and roll ball-handler, he struggles at times in making the right move. As a handler of the ball for other offensive sets, Mann thrives in handling the ball. The combo guard is great with the ball as he can crossover, and make space through his dribbling. Although if Mann is trapped with the ball for most of the shot clock, he becomes a bit sloppy and overdoes everything. 

Passing (5/10)

A flaw in Mann’s game that will hinder his time on the NBA court. Mann can struggle to move the ball. Especially as the pick and roll handler, Mann makes questionable reads passing to the roller. Time and time again, he will try to dump the ball to the roller when he has the open lane. Mann forces pass into the paint rather than kicking out back to the perimeter. Passing can come quickly with experience in the NBA. Players can develop better when given the better talent around them, and Mann has the ability to learn. 

On-ball Defending (5.5/10)

Mann will not be the primary defender on any NBA roster. His biggest weakness to his game is defense, and it’s apparent already through his college games. Mann when facing athletic guards gets burned easily. Allowing his man to get by him easily will break down most NBA defenses. Most coaches will have to hide Mann or place him against the slower more crafty guards. Mann does not have the lankiness that most NBA players have either, which in turn will make it more difficult for the prospect to grab steals and block shots. 

Shot-Creating (8.5/10)

Mann is very crafty, and his footwork is fantastic. He is capable of managing the lane, sidestepping, or creating space with his ball handling. This allows Mann to look fluent when taking mid-range shots or attacking the rim. Agility plays a big part in this as he can balance himself out through contact and form a shot that most others could not imagine doing.

Off-Ball Movement (6/10)

Defensively, Mann is average on the off-ball scene, as he can switch on screens easily. He will not always read the passing lanes for a steal but he can get to the gap for defensive purposes. He will not blow anyone away with his cutting ability on offense either, but he is tremendous on an off-ball screen. Mann punishes defenders who go under the screen and receives the pass for the shot. Mann is also very active on the floor, moving with the transitions and rotations on offense. 

Athleticism (6/10)

Mann’s athletic ability is just his shiftiness and agility. The Florida guard does not have a fast first step, making it difficult for him to blow by defenders. However, he can move his balance around which helps his ability to score. Mann is not a high flyer, the guard will rely on his layup packages. 

Rebounding (4/10)

Standing in at only 6’3”, the guard will not be anywhere near the leading rebounder for the team that drafts him. With his vertical lacking, Mann will have to rely on loose rebounds that were swatted away. Mann will not be able to garner much going against opposing centers or forwards. This is not a bad thing for Mann, as this will allow him to fill in a transition lane for the coming possession. 

Basketball IQ (4.5/5)

Although his pick-and-roll IQ is lacking, his overall basketball IQ is solid. Mann is great at filling in positions on the court, making him valuable to spread the floor. He knows exactly when to cut when to shoot, and when to defer to his teammates. He is a cautious defender, and will not overextend and foul. 

Injury HIstory (5/5) 

Mann is not a big injury concern to NBA teams scouts. Mann stayed healthy for most of his high school and college career. The Florida product has dealt with minor injuries, with the most serious one being a concussion during his time with the Gators. 

Player Grade (69/100): Mid-Late Lottery Pick

Player Comparison: Jamal Murray

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