2021 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Jalen Green

Jalen Green NBA Draft

Jalen Green took a different but increasingly popular route, choosing to play in the G League rather than college. He impressed many while playing for the G League Ignite, scoring almost 18 points per game and showing off his high-level offensive ability. Some scouts have concerns with him over his defense and lack of strength. Let’s take a look and break down his skill set.

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Player Bio

Name: Jalen Green

Position: Guard

Team: G League Ignite


Age: 19

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 220 lbs

Prototype: Scoring Combo Guard

Defense (9/25)

Although Green has the tools to succeed on defense because of his athletic ability, he can struggle. Often, he loses focus on defense and it causes him to lapse. Many times he allows players to cut to the basket and score easy buckets since he was not focusing on them clearly. Green is easily screened and is unable to move around them most of the time. In the NBA, he will need to spend a lot of time working on his defense if he does not want to be a liability on that end of the floor. There are many examples of poor defenders who succeed in the NBA at the guard position, but Green should look to improve on that end with his athletic build.


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Perimeter Shooting (12.25/15)

Green is a good shooter. He can make shots in almost any scenario. He can make threes in both off-the-dribble or in catch-and-shoot scenarios. Since he is so athletic, Green does a tremendous job of creating space and finding his own shot. He shot 36.5 percent from behind the arc with the G League Ignite which is not outstanding, but it shows his promise as a shooter.

Finishing (9.5/15)

A solid finisher, but lacks a strong frame, which will hurt him. He can put defenders on their heels when driving to the basket because of his quickness but is unable to finish through contact since he does not have a strong build. Green has the potential to become a good finisher if he works on becoming stronger, but could struggle early on when attacking the basket.

Passing (7/15)

Another poor area of Green’s game is his passing ability. He lacks consistency when looking for his teammates. In transition, Green does a tremendous job of finding his teammates but misses some obvious passes as well. Green showed growth in this area throughout the G League season but will need to improve his passing if he wants to be the number one option on a team.

Athleticism (9.75/10)

Green is a very athletic player. He is fast on the floor with a long wingspan. Green makes up for a lot of his shortcomings by relying on his athleticism but still has lapses. That athleticism and length give him great potential on both ends of the floor, but he has yet to completely utilize it in games.

Ball Handling (8.75/10)

He is a fairly crafty player with the ball in his hands. Although he can make simple mistakes, Green uses a variety of moves to create open space. He does a great job of using fakes, jab steps, and just pure athleticism to create open space and score.

Rebounding (4.5/5)

Surprisingly, Green is a good rebounder. Although he lacks a lot of strength, he does a good job of using his athleticism to pick up boards. Green grabbed 4.1 rebounds per game for the Ignite.

Injury (4.75/5)

Green is an electric player. Although his injury sheet has been clean, he tends to land in funky ways after finishing. He needs to be careful with his landings to avoid a major injury.

Bonus: Potential (+4.75/5)

Green’s blend of athleticism and raw scoring ability gives him a high upside. If he can become stronger and work on the other areas of his game that he has trouble with, he could become one of the best guards in the NBA. That said, he has a lot of work to do until he reaches his peak and may never reach it if he is not placed in the right situation.

Player Summary

Green is a player that many are fond of. His athleticism will likely keep him in the NBA for a while, but his feel for the game needs to improve. The combo guard possesses intriguing athletic and scoring abilities. Green has many areas that he needs to work on to become successful in the NBA, including his defense. If he is placed in the right scenario, the combo guard has All-Star potential, but he will likely need some time before becoming a high-impact player at the next level.

Final Grade (70.25/100): Lottery Pick

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