2020 NFL Draft Report: Oklahoma WR CeeDee Lamb


CeeDee Lamb is a fast and explosive wide receiver who can be a real playmaker. He brings a ton of energy and confidence to his game and will surely be able to make an impact on an NFL team.

2019 Stats

The Oklahoma receiver stands at 6-foot-2 and weighs 189 pounds. Last year, he had 62 receptions for 1,327 yards and 14 touchdowns. Lamb is a stud who had a great year and is still improving; he is full of talent and has so many strengths.

CeeDee Lamb’s Strengths

There are a lot of areas in Lamb’s game that shows he is ready for the next level. From watching film on this talented player, there are many things to like about him.


First off, he has great ball skills. He does a great job adjusting to the pigskin in the air on back-shoulder throws and has unbelievable hands to catch most passes in his direction.

Another aspect of Lamb’s game that should be applauded is his strength with his hands. He wins most of the hand battles that he is involved with and also does great with getting his hands on defenders first, giving him great position to get around that cornerback. To add on, even if the ball is not thrown to Lamb, he will still be there to set a block for his teammates. He knows where the ball is at all times and will always give 110 percent effort even if he’s not in that particular play.


Finally, something that Lamb strives at is finding space even if he isn’t open on his designed route. He makes space to give his quarterback a target.

There is a lot to love about this young wide receiver and he is definitely a rising star who is ready to get drafted.


CeeDee Lamb’s Weaknesses

There isn’t much to complain about Lamb’s game.

However, one area that could use improvement is his speed on routes. While he has great speed, his speed while running his routes could be improved. He needs to learn how to fake cuts and cut faster.

On another note, Lamb could also benefit from getting just a little bit stronger. If he can get stronger, he will be able to compete with elite NFL cornerbacks.

Besides these few tweaks, Lamb is a great football player.

Lamb’s Projection

Lamb will be a first-round pick without a doubt. He will make noise on the big stage and help his team win. The Indianapolis Colts would be a good fit for him as they would benefit from a talented receiver. He and Philip Rivers could form a deadly combo.


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