2019 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Hunter Renfrow

Name: Hunter Renfrow / Red Shirt Senior

School: Clemson / ACC

Height: 5-foot-10 Weight: 185 pounds

Hunter Renfrow grew throughout his Clemson tenure and now the whole league has him on its radar. From catching the game-winning touchdown in the National Championship game in 2017 to being the go-to target on third downs, he has shown that he has the ability to bring his talents to the NFL.

Pros: The ability to make tough catches in traffic is a must in the NFL, and Renfrow has shown that he can do that in big games. Even though he may not be the biggest receiver, he still can use his great hands to make those catches.

NFL teams are looking for a player who is consistent, and Renfrow is a player who has rarely dropped balls. His time at the Senior Bowl this year helped his draft stock by showing teams that he is a top wideout coming into this year’s draft. There are a lot of positives to talk about with Renfrow, and teams will notice that quickly if they haven’t already.

Cons: Not every player is perfect, so that being said Renfrow does have a few things that he can improve on. First, his route running has been limited at Clemson by running a lot of bubble screens, slants, and hitches. This is not a huge issue for some teams so he will have to find a team that likes those short yardage situations.

If he can expand his route tree he will certainly be a liable target in the slot. Based on his size, he will have a tough time blocking in the NFL, and he will have to learn quickly since he will likely start on special teams. That is a simple problem to work on and fix so teams know that is not enough not to draft him.

Comparisons: There are a lot of names that come to mind watching his film. One such name is New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman. They both had to work very hard to get a chance at the NFL, and they share a lot of the same traits. Renfrow has the ability to make plays after the catch. Edelman and Renfrow are both huge targets on third down. Renfrow also shares some qualities with Jarvis Landry.

While Landry may be more of a threat down the field, they both have great hands and will make catches that amaze fans. Pending his combine outcomes, there should be many teams looking to pick Renfrow. The Colts, Packers, and Cowboys are all teams that could have a good chance of drafting him.

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