11 Candidates for Titans Starting Quarterback Next Season

Since drafting Marcus Mariota, the Tennessee Titans haven’t been faced with the uncertainty of who will be their starting quarterback at the start of the following season. That uncertainty returns this summer as both Mariota, as well as Ryan Tannehill, are free agents.

The obvious answer is re-signing Ryan Tannehill, but the Titans wouldn’t be doing it right if they didn’t do their due diligence on the loaded class of free-agent quarterbacks.

Here, we will take a look at each of the 11 candidates for the next Titans quarterback, as well as assessing them with a grade based on likelihood and fit with the team.

Ryan Tannehill – The obvious choice for many as he relished in the starting role once he took over the reins from Marcus Mariota. Come playoff time he struggled with was glaringly apparent in the loss to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. But that could be chalked up to first playoff appearance jitters.
Grade: A

Jameis Winston – Could this have been their guy all along? If the Buccaneers would’ve taken Mariota with the first pick in the 2015 draft, he could’ve very well been the Titans quarterback for the last five seasons. But as we sit here five years later unless Winston lowers his $30 million asking price, not many teams will consider him for their starting role.
Grade: D

Tom Brady – There is the possibility he goes to Nashville given his relationship with his former teammate Titans coach Mike Vrabel. But while it would be nice to have the six-time Super Bowl champion under center, the threat of the quarterback keeping and running is a critical element of the offensive play calling.
Grade: B-

Marcus Mariota – Up until the first quarter of last season, he was almost the unanimous fan favorite. His hesitation in his decision making and getting the ball out of his hands quick enough rapidly wore thin on even the most loyal Mariota supporters. His only plus is that he knows the offense, but he proved that he can’t run it efficiently or effectively.
Grade: D

Teddy Bridgewater – He had a rebirth when filling in for an injured Drew Brees last season. He again lacks the mobility necessary in the Titans system, so I think he is an unlikely candidate. Grade: C

Cam Newton – The Newton of old would be a no brainer almost regardless of the price tag. But his inability to stay healthy is something no team will willingly invest in.
Grade: C

Philip Rivers – The 16-year veteran’s time with the Chargers is over, he again lacks any mobility, although he can sling the ball, which hasn’t always worked in his favor.
Grade: D

Jacoby Brissett – With the Colts being rumored to be interested in Philip Rivers, Brissett may become expendable. He may be a dark horse to take over signal calling duties for former rivals the Titans. It would be great to see him take his frustrations out of the Colts twice a season. He may just be mobile enough to fit perfectly.
Grade: B+

Andy Dalton – With the team likely to draft Joe Burrow, they will likely cut ties with Dalton. But again he doesn’t seem a likely fit for Tennessee’s offense.
Grade: C

Derek Carr – With rampant rumors that Tom Brady will decide to take his talents to Sin City, Carr with his hefty salary could be pushed out of town. He could be one of the better fits on this list.
Grade: B+

Dak Prescott – This is probably the least likely on the list. At worst the Cowboys will franchise tag him. His asking price alone makes him the least bit likely to sign with the Titans or anyone other than Dallas.
Grade: F

Anyone on this list is all hinging on the Titans resigning first Derrick Henry and right tackle Jack Conklin. If they don’t accomplish that this whole list will have to be regraded.

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