WWE: Road to Money in the Bank Continues


Several key pieces of information about the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view on May 10 were announced during this week’s SmackDown on FOX. Apollo Crews suffered a left knee injury during his match with Andrade on Monday Night Raw, thus surrendering his spot in the men’s ladder match, which will take place simultaneously (as will the women’s ladder).

Daniel Bryan calls out King Corbin

Having already qualified for a spot in the men’s ladder match, Daniel Bryan entered the arena and spoke about his upcoming opportunity.


Bryan spoke of his love for overcoming obstacles. He detailed the circumstances of the ladder match having to go through the corporate building of WWE headquarters. Bryan jokingly asked if he could take the elevator to the top of the building or if there would be catering.

After noting his coach, Drew Gulak, did not qualify to compete in the ladder match with him, Bryan demanded King Corbin, who defeated Gulak, to enter the arena.


Bryan called Corbin a loser for “squandering” his opportunity three years ago and becoming one of four wrestlers to not win after cashing in their MITB briefcase.

Daniel Bryan vs. King Corbin

Corbin began the match by trying to hold Bryan against the ropes and turnbuckles. Bryan was able to overcome Corbin’s holds with his legs by applying several kicks.

Bryan was able to limit Corbin’s mobility and the King showed this by hobbling around the ring. Corbin still held an upper hand and delivered strong right hands and elbows to Bryan.


Corbin was able to get his opponent to exit the ring and he threw Bryan into a ringpost. Back in the ring, Bryan tried rolling Corbin up twice only for Corbin to stay agile and keep his momentum.

Corbin’s use of trash talk and thunderous blows were able to give him an edge at times in the match. Bryan impressed with his legs and air mechanics, using those to counter Corbin’s strong strikes.

Bryan executed a Yes Lock and Corbin hit a deep-six slam, both moves unable to end the match. The two exited toward the ramp and Bryan kicked the head of Corbin, who stumbled toward a ladder. Corbin then threw the ladder at Bryan, losing the match by disqualification.

Post-match, Corbin dragged Bryan and the ladder into the ring. Bryan countered an End of Days to apply a Yes Lock on top of the ladder. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro broke the hold and a three-on-one attack ensued on Bryan.

Firefly Fun House episode

Set to battle Bray Wyatt at MITB, the Universal Champion tried to explain what his plan is for the match. Strowman was interrupted by Wyatt and the Firefly Fun House.

Wyatt told the story titled “The Black Sheep.” His story alluded to Strowman being taken in by the Wyatt family. Wyatt detailed the “shepherd’s” loneliness when all of his “sheep” left him. In a more serious tone, Wyatt spoke of punishing the black sheep and was cut off as Strowman challenged him to come to the ring. Wyatt did not appear.

Sheamus vs. Leon Ruff

Sheamus has been nothing short of dominant the last few weeks against his opponents. His matches typically have been followed up with aggression shown toward Michael Cole. The Celtic Warrior was billed for a match against Leon Ruff.

Ruff administered a dropkick early and went for a second one only to be stopped by Sheamus. Sheamus dealt three backbreakers before throwing his opponent out of the ring, then set Ruff in a corner and hit a Brogue Kick to win the match.

Jeff Hardy career review

The Comeback was the next chapter of the series of video packages about Hardy’s career. The video showed Hardy rehabbing a knee injury and reappearing on WWE Backstage. The segment closed with Hardy saying he was ready to get back to doing what he loves and the announcement of his return to SmackDown set to be next week.

Following the video, Sheamus got in the face of Cole and told him he would also be on SmackDown next week.

Mandy Rose vs. Carmella

A Women’s MITB Ladder Match qualifier pitted a rising Mandy Rose against a former MITB winner in Carmella. Asuka, Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, Dana Brooke, and Lacey Evans have already qualified for the match set to take place in less than two weeks.

Rose showed early athleticism and escaped a leg submission hold. As Rose continued to evade her opponent, Carmella delivered a strong kick that knocked Rose to the mat for a two-count. 

As Rose held Carmella in a chin-lock, Sonya Deville entered with a microphone. The match went on as Deville recalled giving Rose her MITB spot last year. Rose continued to hold momentum in the match but a clothesline laid her out.

Deville continued yelling into the mic and eventually Rose turned toward Deville only to be turned right back around and the recipient of a dropkick from Carmella, who won the match. 

Post-match, Deville attacked Rose and yelled she would never be better than her. Deville threw Rose into the steel steps and looked on from a nearby barricade. 

The New Day vs. The Forgotten Sons

The Forgotten Sons threw their name in the tag team hat last week by laying the tag team champions out inside the ring. This week, the two teams collided in the ring officially.

Just before the match began, The Miz and John Morrison entered atop the ramp. The former champions joined commentary. 

The match started with Big E and Steve Cutler in the ring. Wesley Blake was tagged into battle Kofi after both teams’ partners made quick work. Big E hot-tagged back inside, threw Blake inside the ring, and applied a belly-to-belly slam. Cutler was laid atop the ring apron and Big E administered a jump to him.

Both teams traded double-team moves. A big slam to Big E allowed Cutler to earn a two-count. A backbreaker double-team from The Forgotten Sons resulted in another two-count to Big E. A big spike-slam from Big E, who was backed in a corner, allowed Kofi to come in hot and jump from the top rope onto Cutler. 

Blake distracted Kofi from ringside and allowed Cutler to roll him up for a two-count. Kofi hit a leg slam to finally get The New Day a two-count of their own. 

However, Kofi’s momentum would not last as Cutler held him by his legs and Blake landed a jump from the top rope. Chaos ensued as all four wrestlers fought in the ring and Big E and Blake would quickly exit, followed by Big E hitting a ringpost. 

Inside the ring, Cutler and Blake held Kofi in a corner and the two hit their finisher to earn an impressive win over the tag team champions.

Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler

The two superstars collided at WrestleMania 36 and were set to compete against one another once again, this time with a spot in the men’s ladder match at MITB.

Tensions were high entering the match as Mandy Rose was attacked by Sonya Deville earlier in the night. Otis quickly sent Ziggler to the mat by charging him. 

Otis impressively hit a high suplex to Ziggler after holding him in the air for a few seconds. Otis handled Ziggler early by stepping on him and slamming him to the mat. He even threw Ziggler into a turnbuckle. 

Ziggler turned the tide when Otis charged his cornered opponent. Ziggler moved and Otis crashed into the ringpost and toppled out of the ring.

Otis climbed into the ring and Ziggler held an advantage by taking him to several turnbuckles. Ziggler applied a face submission to Otis and switched to a near-naked hold. With his head becoming red, Otis got up but Ziggler’s quickness allowed his momentum to continue.

Otis put space between him and Ziggler to hit an elbow. He set up for a Caterpillar and Ziggler tried to exit the ring. Caught by Otis, Ziggler escaped and hit a Zig-Zag to Otis for a two-count.

Ziggler set up for a superkick and Otis caught him after turning around. Otis applied a slam and hit a Caterpillar-turned-elbow to earn the win.


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