WWE Money in the Bank Recap


Five weeks prior to May 10, WWE hosted a two-day WrestleMania. New WWE and Universal Champions were crowned and both Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman put those titles on the line at Money in the Bank. Four championship matches and the men’s and women’s MITB Ladder Matches taking place simultaneously at WWE Corporate Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut headline yet another unique WWE event.

The New Day (t) vs. Lucha House Party vs. The Miz and John Morrison vs. The Forgotten Sons

Fatal four-way match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships


Kofi and Metalik began the match. Blake tagged in and cleared New Day’s corner before hitting a double team to Metalik. Morrison tagged into the match as the four teams left their corners. Morrison and Metalik suplexed into the six superstars who gathered in front of the ramp.

Metalik spent considerable time active as The Forgotten Sons targeted New Day’s corner. Dorado dropkicked Miz while landing a moonsault to Morrison who was underneath. Kofi missed a Trouble in Paradise and Miz missed locking in a Figure 4 as Cutler and Big E became active.


Big E was on the opposite end of a double team by The Forgotten Sons. Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale to Cutler while Morrison backflipped from the top rope for a pin that was broken up by Lucha House Party. 

The referee sent Ryker of The Forgotten Sons backstage after determining him an unfair advantage and speculated he interfered outside the ring. Kofi hit a Trouble in Paradise to Dorado and Big E hit a Big Ending to Metalik to retain their championships.

R-Truth vs. Bobby Lashley

Former 24/7 Champion R-Truth has been off television lately but was set to fight MVP, who has hosted several MVP Lounge segments. 


MVP questioned why R-Truth was giddy. Bobby Lashley entered the arena before the match began and grabbed the mic from MVP and told him he would take his spot. Lashley threw R-Truth to a corner and hit numerous charging head strikes. 

R-Truth countered a high suplex and ran toward the ropes. Lashley regained composure and speared R-Truth to win the match. 

Bayley (t) vs. Tamina

SmackDown Women’s Championship match

Bayley pushed and yelled at her opponent early but the reserved Tamina struck Bayley’s back. Tamina suplexed Bayley for a one-count. Bayley escaped the ring and pulled Tamina’s legs from under her and slammed her right leg into a ringpost. 

Tamina’s superkick was caught by Bayley who executed a leg submission. Her right leg ailing, Tamina was kicked and picked up by Bayley, who could not execute as Tamina fell on her. 

Bayley left the ring and grabbed a water bottle and threw the water on Tamina. Tamina clotheslined the champion in front of the announcer’s table but missed a Samoan Drop inside the ring. Tamina threw Bayley across the announcer’s table. 

Tamina went for an elbow from the turnbuckle but stopped after seeing Bayley attempt a counter. Tamina superkicked and hit a Samoan Drop to Bayley. Sasha Banks entered the ring preventing a pin. This allowed Bayley to roll up Tamina for the victory. 

Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman (t)

Universal Championship match

Wyatt, without The Fiend persona, walked toward Strowman at the outset of the match. Strowman utilized his strength to charge and strike Wyatt, even slamming him against the steel steps and ringpost. Wyatt crawled to the announcer’s table and Strowman charged. Wyatt sidestepped and allowed his opponent to fly over the table. Wyatt hit a DDT to the floor as the piglet from Firefly Fun House appeared in the stands. 

Wyatt threw Strowman into the ringsteps and appeared upset. He returned to the ring and hit a tornado DDT and Sister Abigail for a two-count. Strowman countered a second Sister Abigail with a chokeslam. 

Wyatt kicked Strowman off the ring apron and the champion slid to the base of the announcer’s table. The camera cut to the top of the apron where Strowman appeared wearing the Black Sheep mask. The two hugged in the ring and the Firefly Fun House animals yelled, “Braun is home.”

Strowman cut the act and tossed the mask. He hit a running powerslam to defeat Wyatt. 

Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre (t)

WWE Championship match

The two locked up initially and McIntyre knocked down Rollins. McIntyre bounced off the ropes and pushed Rollins from the ring. The champion slung Rollins from turnbuckle to turnbuckle and followed with a suplex for a one-count. 

Rollins escaped McIntyre’s holds and kicked his knee. Rollins dove outside to McIntyre, who stood in front of the announcer’s table. Rollins hit a slingblade for a one-count. Rollins transitioned to submissions, including an STF. 

McIntyre leaned against a barricade and Rollins hit a flying knee from the apron. Rollins hit a second knee from over the barricade, then cleared the announcer’s table. A third knee connected to McIntyre and the champion laid on the floor. Rollins leaped through the ropes and was caught by McIntyre, who threw his opponent across the announcer’s table to turn the tide.

Inside the ring, McIntyre delivered overhead belly-to-bellies. Rollins left the ring to bring in a steel chair. Debating to use the chair, Rollins went for a Curbstomp but McIntyre headbutt his opponent. 

Rollins hit a superplex and a falcon arrow for a two-count. The two perched atop a turnbuckle and McIntyre threw Rollins across the ring while stuck upside-down on the top pad. McIntyre headbutted Rollins, who followed with a superkick, but McIntyre bounced back with a Claymore to win the match. The two shook hands post-match.

AJ Styles vs. Otis vs. Aleister Black vs. King Corbin vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan

Lacey Evans vs. Nia Jax vs. Carmella vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke vs. Asuka

Men’s and Women’s MITB Ladder Match

The men began in the weight room while the women began in the lobby of WWE headquarters. Background music accompanied the duration of the match.

Asuka jumped on the five women below her as she started on the second floor, then took an elevator. Corbin threw a weighted plate into a mirror as he and Bryan fought. Otis trapped Styles with a deadlift bar. 

Bryan, Otis, Corbin, and Black took an elevator as Mysterio got caught near a bathroom. The men’s and women’s competitors met up in a room with ropes and turnbuckles lining the walls. Bryan kicked the chest of Corbin, who was caught in the ropes, as Otis chanted, “Yes!”

Brooke hit Jax with a chair in a conference room and grabbed a briefcase that was attached to the ceiling. Stephanie McMahon appeared and told Brooke the real briefcase was on the roof of the building while also saying the women were making a mess. 

Styles searched for Mysterio through the hallways and was stopped by a poster of Undertaker. He was thrown by Black into a room with a casket and blue lights.

The men and women met again in a room where Paul Heyman was enjoying several tables of food. “Food fight!” shouted Otis, who then threw a plate into Heyman’s face. Jax threw Brooke into a soda machine and slammed Carmella through a table. Otis and Jax met face-to-face and Jax shook her head as Otis left for the cafeteria.

Baszler was hit with a superkick, a Woman’s Right, and was slammed into the wall. Bryan and Styles fought into a board room where Vince McMahon yelled for the two to leave. 

Asuka and Jax were the first two superstars to enter the rooftop. Jax dropped Evans in the middle of the ring and set up a ladder. She climbed the ladder only to be stopped by Asuka. Asuka pushed the ladder onto Jax and was slammed into the same object by Evans. 

Evans and Asuka climbed to the top of the ladder and Evans was elbowed, falling into the body of Jax. Asuka slowly ascended to the top of the ladder when Corbin ran into the ring. Asuka kicked Corbin off the ladder and grabbed the women’s briefcase, winning the women’s MITB Ladder Match.

Otis was next to make it to the rooftop. He tried climbing the ladder only to break the first step. He hit a Caterpillar to Corbin and Black appeared, kicking Otis. Mysterio entered the ring and raced Black up the ladder. 

Styles entered and pushed the two from the ladder. Corbin pulled Mysterio out of the ring and threw both Mysterio and Black from the scene (presumably “off the rooftop”).

Styles and Corbin both held the briefcase atop the ladder and pulled it from the hook. Elias entered the ring and hit Corbin with a guitar. Styles fumbled the briefcase and it fell into Otis’s hands, earning him the distinction of “Mr. Money in the Bank.”


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