WWE: Final Raw Before Money in the Bank


Just six days separate Monday Night Raw and the first pay-per-view following WrestleMania 36. The card for Money in the Bank has filled steadily over the last few weeks, but there is a vacancy in the men’s MITB Ladder Match after Apollo Crews injured his left knee last week. Several tag team matches took place, and the WWE Champion is in action yet again.

MVP’s VIP Lounge

For the second straight week, MVP hosted his VIP Lounge. After addressing last week’s chaotic segment with the men’s ladder match competitors, MVP welcomed Asuka, Shayna Baszler, and Nia Jax to the show.


MVP asked Jax and Asuka if either had the skill set to climb to the roof of the corporate building and atop a ladder to claim the briefcase. Once the mic was turned to Baszler, she said she lets her actions do her talking. Asuka and Baszler then stood across from each other and both kicked Jax from the ring.

Last Chance Qualifying Gauntlet Match


A spot opened in the men’s MITB Ladder Match due to Crews injuring his left knee last week against United States Champion Andrade. Bobby Lashley, without Lana by his side, entered first to take on Titus O’Neil.

O’Neil has not been on Raw in recent weeks, and after quick back-and-forth action, Lashley hit a spear and pin to continue.

Akira Tozawa was the next opponent to come to the ring, and he did not last much longer as the previous entrant as another spear from Lashley eliminated Tozawa.

Former U.S. and Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin was the fourth entrant. Lashley eagerly tried pulling Benjamin into the ring. Benjamin was able to take the action outside and slow down his hot opponent. 


Back inside, Lashley caught Benjamin running toward him and hit a spear to continue his dominant start. Humberto Carrillo was next in the gauntlet match. Lashley charged and knocked down Carrillo, but after escaping a potential slam, Carrillo hit a dropkick to mount a small comeback. 

It would not last long as Lashley knocked Carrillo into a corner, pushing him with his leg. The referee demanded Lashley release the hold to no avail, thus leading to Lashley’s disqualification. Shocked, Lashley continued attacking Carrillo until several referees came to the ring.

Angel Garza entered next and held momentum over Carrillo, his cousin. Several strong kicks and submission holds wore down Carrillo, still reeling from Lashley’s post-match tirade.

Garza impressed with a submission by holding Carrillo off the mat and hitting a moonsault off the ropes. Garza set up a Wingclipper but did not execute as Carrillo rolled into a shocking pin over one of Zelina Vega’s clients.

The next entrant was Austin Theory, a second Vega client. Theory easily took over against Carrillo and attempted an early pin. 

Theory went for a suplex only for Carrillo to counter. As Carrillo ran toward the ropes, Theory hit a strong left hand for a two-count. Theory held Carrillo atop a turnbuckle and executed a suplex. As the two hit the mat, Carrillo rolled on top of Theory and earned a pin. 

As Carrillo gathered himself in the ring, AJ Styles’ music hit and the superstar who was buried alive by the Undertaker at WrestleMania entered the arena.

Styles brought a vengeful vigor to the ring against a rallying Carrillo. Styles targeted his opponent’s left leg with several kicks and knelt on it. 

A DDT and two kicks to Styles’s upper body allowed Carrillo to come back. The two double-clotheslined and Styles got up first and hit a gutbuster to lock in a calf-crusher. He got Carrillo to submit, earning the win and a spot in the men’s MITB Ladder Match upon his WWE return. 

Post-match, Styles attacked the left leg of Carrillo. Styles took to a mic and said there is no Undertaker this time after admitting he was buried. He delivered a promo about being No. 1 and winning the briefcase, saying he may have to throw an opponent off the top of WWE headquarters in the process. 

Seth Rollins interview

Rollins made his upcoming championship contest with Drew McIntyre official last week when he and the champion signed the match contract. Rollins sat in the ring with Charly Caruso, who asked how he was preparing. 

Rollins spoke of being a leader during a championship reign. He said it was his destiny to lead WWE into the future as champion to fulfill his role as the Monday Night Messiah.

Ricochet and Cedric Alexander vs. Brendan Vink and Shane Thorne

Alexander and Vink began the match, and Thorne entered when Vink realized he could not chase down Alexander. Thorne countered Alexander by throwing him outside the ring, and Alexander was thrown into the barricade. 

Ricochet entered and made his presence known with impressive flips and kicks, including one off the body of his opponent. Vink entered the match and gained control over Ricochet. Distracted from tossing Thorne from the ring, Ricochet was the recipient of a strong strike from Vink, who earned the win.

The Viking Raiders vs. The Street Profits

Moving from one tag team match to another, the Raw Tag Team Champions were in action for the first time in several weeks. The two spoke before the match addressing how they have never beaten The Viking Raiders. 

Erik and Ford began the match, but Erik turned his attention to Dawkins. Dawkins was knocked off the apron and Ivar left his corner to continue dishing damage.

Erik and Ivar utilized a double-team move where Ford was slammed to the mat and Ivar landed a jump onto him from the turnbuckle. Ford tagged in Dawkins, who slammed Erik to the mat. Dawkins left the ring and struck both his chasing opponents to shift the tide of the match. 

Ivar tagged in and hit a clothesline to Ford and charged Dawkins in a corner, landing a jump-strike to his sitting opponent. Dawkins tagged Ford while Ivar also tagged in. Ford charged Ivar from three sides of the ring and countered a cartwheel to kick his upper body. 

Ivar impressed with a double back elbow. Ford was set up to get slammed by Ivar until Dawkins speared Erik and saved his partner. Dawkins slammed Ivar and Ford hit a jump from a turnbuckle for a two-count. 

Erik broke the pin with a kick. Ford was thrown from the ring and The Viking Raiders hit a Viking Experience to defeat the tag team champions. 

Charlotte Flair previews NXT title match

The NXT Women’s Champion has appeared on both Raw and NXT in the last few weeks. The Queen addressed her upcoming NXT Championship match against Io Shirai. 

Flair spoke of making Shirai’s dream match come true but got no further as Liv Morgan entered the arena. Morgan gave her disgust for the “self-entitled queen” and issued a challenge.

Liv Morgan vs. Charlotte Flair

The impromptu match began with Flair cornering Morgan. The two locked up and Flair controlled Morgan with ease. 

Morgan hit an elbow but Flair countered with a forearm. A dropkick to Flair was followed with a hurricanrana. Morgan charged her opponent and Flair tossed her into a turnbuckle. Morgan hit three clotheslines and a face slam for a two-count.

Morgan went for a second hurricanrana and Flair countered with a powerbomb. Flair perched atop a turnbuckle and Morgan nearly earned a win after hitting a knee slam. Morgan missed Oblivion and Flair applied a Figure Four to earn a submission victory.

Murphy vs. Drew McIntyre

Accompanied by McIntyre’s next challenger, Murphy was pushed to the mat to start the match. The two exited the ring and Murphy was planted into the steel ramp.

McIntyre threw Murphy over a barricade and the two fought around the arena. As the referee counted, Murphy was pushed near the top of the ramp where Rollins watched. Murphy charged the champion, pushing him into a barricade and ringpost.

Murphy earned a one-count and kicked the back of McIntyre as Rollins crept closer to the ring. McIntyre hit a loud headbutt, dropping Murphy. As McIntyre charged, Murphy kicked the champion and climbed atop a turnbuckle only to be pushed off and outside the ring. 

McIntyre held his opponent on his back atop a turnbuckle and Murphy escaped. Murphy hit a powerbomb for a one-count. An angered McIntyre stood as Murphy mocked his count to three. Murphy charged and McIntyre lifted his leg into a Claymore for a victory.

Rollins entered the ring post-match and McIntyre was ready to fight. Even with the champion begging on his knees to fight, Rollins walked out of the arena. 

McIntyre turned back into the ring and walked several steps before receiving a blind kick to the head from Rollins. With the champion down, Rollins went for a curbstomp. McIntyre was quick to counter and set up a Claymore, but Rollins escaped the ring and the two stared at one another ahead of their championship match on Sunday.


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