Why Tony Romo’s Retirement Helps Jimmy Garoppolo

Does anyone know the last time the NFL was predictable by any chance? Bueller..? Bueller..?  If you don’t have an answer or can’t recall the last time they were, it’s because they aren’t and never were.

Remember when Belichick cut defensive centerpiece and four time pro-bowler Lawyer Milloy? How about more recently when he traded star linebackers Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins? The whole world thought he was crazy, including myself, yet they won the Super Bowl.

Which brings me to the next person to shock us all. Tony Romo  Now with his abrupt retirement, what does this mean for Jimmy Garoppolo and the Patriots you? Well Garoppolo is a winner. Currently with the majority of veteran quarterback’s off the market, quarterback needy teams will desperately turn to the Patriots for their star backup and the presumable heir to Brady’s throne.

The three year veteran has a short résumé having only started three total NFL games, with the other playing time coming in garbage time or pre-season games. However, his ability to play the position is undeniably there. With one of the fastest releases in the NFL and a great IQ, teams should be drooling over him.

This means Belichick can be a little more risque with the asking price, maybe earn a first and second round pick since they no longer have a pick until the third round(not like it’s going to hurt them).

So unless organizations want to be ridiculed on moral inferiority (Colin Kaepernick), or learn derivatives (Ryan Fitzpatrick), Garoppolo is the best bet for any quarterback needy team. Even if Belichick doesn’t want to sell him, it’d be a good idea to entertain a few offers.

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