Why the New York Knicks Should NOT Draft LaMelo Ball

Why the New York Knicks should not draft LaMelo Ball

The New York Knicks aren’t very good at drafting as evidence of their lack of playoff appearances over the last decade or so. Currently, the Knicks have the eighth pick in this year’s draft. (Not surprising). There has been some talk about the organization possibly trading up into the top three and drafting LaMelo Ball.

Why Not Ball?

Here are a few reasons why Ball is NOT the answer for the Knicks. First off, having LaVar Ball as your father creates so much unnecessary drama, and Knicks fans don’t have time for that. The Knicks want to win. Ball is not a superstar who can completely change the dynamics of the game when he’s on the floor. Yes, his skill-set is undeniable and he should easily go top three, as his 17 points and 6.8 assists per game show. However, with all the fame that comes with playing in the greatest arena, Madison Square Garden, he won’t be able to handle it, and will probably end up in the G league like the rest of the Knicks’ past draft picks. The Knicks need a player who can control the game, manage the clock, spread the floor, and be the go-to player down the line. LaMelo isn’t that player.

There have been some rumors that the Knicks are also trying to trade for Chris Paul. Why is New York trying to trade for an aging guard whose skill has gone down each year the past two years?
The Knicks need a full-blown rebuild and should keep only crucial parts to this team. Mainly Mitchell Robinson.

What Should the Knicks Do?

New York has been as dysfunctional as ever and many reasons go back to having a lack of draft picks. The Knicks have also proven to be incompetent in making proper draft decisions. That has led directly to the lack of talent this organization has. Ball can definitely spark the Knicks and give their fans a sign of hope, but he isn’t going to take them to the next level. If the Knicks want to contend in the East and make a run, they need to make sure to do a full rebuild. Keep ALL our draft picks and rebuild entirely.

New York will eventually be good in our lifetime, but it could take some time. They are headed in the right direction by continuously firing head coaches we hire, and the signing of Tom Thibodeau. Thibs has a great track record and could really take the players such as Robinson, Kevin Knox, RJ Barrett, Frank Ntilikina, and one of my favorite players on the Knicks, Damyean Dotson. If Thibs can develop these players and nail the draft, the Knicks are in good hands. 

No Need for a Guard

As you can see, the guard position is the ONLY position the Knicks are somewhat ok at, and that’s the position Ball plays. If they draft Ball, you kill the confidence of Frank and Dotson as Ball will surely get all the minutes he can handle. Let’s hope the Knicks do something to try and jumpstart this dysfunctional franchise and win a championship sometime soon! 

Be sure to catch my next article to see who I think the Knicks should draft that could entirely change the dynamics of this team.

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