Why 7 Playoff Teams Is a Bad Idea for the NFL

The NFL wants to switch from six to seven playoff teams in the immediate future as early as the 2020 season. But maybe it will have to wait a little longer or it may never happen.

Should it pass, it would allow one extra wild card team from each conference to make the playoffs, as well as give only one team a first-round bye in the AFC and the NFC Playoffs.

Adding an extra playoff team would not be a good idea because if the seventh seeds are always 7-9, 8-8, or 9-7, it would mean mediocrity at its finest. Having a team make the playoffs at 9-7 is already as close as it needs to get.

The seven-seeds in the NFL playoffs last season would have been the Los Angeles Rams (9-7) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8).

Did you really want to see a banged-up Los Angeles squad in the postseason?

How about an inept Pittsburgh offense with a ton of injuries?

Adding teams would be bad for the NFL, but all the owners and the commissioner seem to care about is money above all else, not necessarily the product of the sport itself.

The NFL playoffs need to stay the way it is. Adding two extra meaningless games on Wild Card Weekend would be a total disgrace altogether.

A 13-3 or 14-2 number two-seed should not be playing on Wild Card Weekend. They should be rewarded with at least a first-round bye.

The Kansas City Chiefs finished the season 12-4 and the Green Bay Packers finished the season 13-3. Do you think that Kansas City and Green Bay deserve to be playing on Wild Card Weekend? No, because they earned their first-round bye and it would have been ridiculous for these guys to play an extra game.

By adding an extra team to the postseason, it could potentially add less meaning to the regular season. The only thing it would add meaning to is the number one seed and that’s it.

Having the four division winners and the two wild card teams is a perfect format and it should not be tinkered with. The owners and other people will get what they deserve if this gets messed up.

There is no way that the players should be on board with this and many think they’re going to vote against it altogether.

It would feel weird to see more than six teams in the postseason each and every year. I am not a fan of the potential new playoff format, but it doesn’t sound as ridiculous as the one in baseball. We will see what happens but they should keep the current NFL Playoff Format.

A lot of people don’t like NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to begin with. This new playoff format could potentially set off a lot of people, but we can not predict if it is going to be an effective system or not in the immediate future.

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