Which Apps For NFL Fans Can Be Used On iPhone And Android Devices?

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Sports apps on mobile devices have become the primary route for fans to do anything sports related. It doesn’t matter if they’re looking to get their news, check out sports betting apps, or converse with other like-minded fans of their chosen sport on social media—apps are the newest form of media and have proven to be more than worthy foes of traditional media platforms like TV, radio, and newspapers.


No sports broadcaster in America has the reputation or is as recognizable as ESPN. As a one-stop shop for all sports fans, there’s no specific NFL ESPN app, but ESPN’s coverage and depth of analysis make it one of the top apps for NFL fans, period. 

One of the many positives of the ESPN app is that it is free, provides breaking news notifications, and provides regular, detailed analysis—whether it’s via statistical, blog-style breakdowns, interview clips, or their NFL podcast series, which includes insight from ex-players like Packers icon Mark Tauscher and revered sportswriter Jason Wilde. The ESPN app is engineered for both iOS and Android devices, and it is free to download on both the iOS and Google Play stores.


DraftKings Sportsbook

As one of the premier sports betting operators, DraftKings has long been the platform of choice for fans looking to bet on the NFL. As more states warm to the idea of legalized and regulated sports betting, DraftKings has used its prominent market position to become one of the leading names in NFL betting. Their app is one of the highest-rated sports betting apps on both iOS and Android.

Verified NFL Apps – Our Chosen Picks

Unlike some American sports which have taken a severe dip in popularity over the last few decades and have struggled in an era of emerging media and digital dominance, the NFL has been able to branch out to international audiences and use a range of primarily free-to-use mobile apps to keep fans up-to-date and in tune with the latest developments in the sport. 


Amidst a plethora of football apps, it can take time to find just half a dozen or so to keep you posted on the latest news. You don’t want to be inundated by information overload or have a phone full of subpar apps.

NFL Fantasy Football App

Fantasy sports are huge business, whether it’s the NHL, NBA, soccer, or any other prominent global sports. The NFL fantasy football app was the first fantasy verified app of its kind, sanctioned by the sport’s overseeing body and, most importantly, free to use. 

The official app is the most thorough fantasy football app you can find. Although there are many other fantasy football apps, including a few decent fan-made ones knocking about, we’d say it’s best to stick with the NFL fantasy football app, which has millions of downloads on the iOS and Android stores and significant international appeal, too. 

You can participate in mock drafts, check out all of the player stats and develop a better knowledge of teams and players you may not have otherwise had that much information about prior to piecing together your fantasy football team. It’s widely recognized as the best fantasy football app and a must-have if you want to expand your broader NFL knowledge.


NFL Network App

While it’s probably unnecessary to have the ESPN app and the NFL Network app, both have unique elements. Although the ESPN app adopts a broader, more subjective approach to football coverage – the NFL Network app would be our choice for your iOS or Android device if you’re looking for specific information about the team you follow. 

More notably, the app offers a range of NFL games you can watch. Although there’s a paywall for the more high-profile games, it gives great insight into the league for casual and hardcore fans, often with extensive insight from ex-players and coaches.

Madden NFL 24 Mobile Football App

Madden is an incredibly popular game, and following the rave reviews of Madden 23, the number of gamers looking to play sports games on their iOS and Android devices has significantly increased. Unlike the other apps we have discussed today, the Madden 24 mobile game is better on an iPad or tablet, in our opinion – but given the original design was for the smartphone, the designers stick to their roots and provide a high-quality game across all small to medium-screened mobile devices.


NFL apps are a dime a dozen these days, and with hundreds of new apps appearing on the iOS and Android stores every day, it becomes increasingly challenging to stay aware of the sheer wealth of information and media available. 

If you stick to a handful of the apps we’ve discussed today, you shouldn’t go wrong. The best way to test whether you like an app is to get it for yourself, see how it works, and have a root around. See if you like the feel of it and the services that it provides. As the Android and iOS duopoly of smartphones continues, you won’t find an NFL app that doesn’t cater to both, and ultimately, it boils down to your preference.

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