Video: Cam Newton Disses Patriots


Fresh off his loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was impressed with his opponents and gave them quite the complement.

The Auburn alum claimed that their matchup against the Eagles was their “first dose” of a playoff type team that they have faced this season.

It seems as if Newton feels that his team is at a whole other level in regards to the New England Patriots and still feels high off his victory against the Super Bowl Champions.

Here’s Newton with the comment.


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4 Responses

  1. Y’all not ready yet we been doing this for years you have to learn to win consistently I mean SB young man it’s routine for us and we have the GOAT and the Brady Bunch

  2. Cam Newton take the s off your shirt because every time you talk what comes out of it is s*** and the reference to the Patriots you got lucky you won that game if it wasn’t for Three penalties you would have never been put in the position to kick that field goal he was running for Your Life Kid shut up and continue learning to play the game from the best what happened against the Eagles always seem to find any excuse when you lose but anyways don’t bite more than you can chew. Because you’re going to choke and you know what that’s like in the Super Bowl remember.

  3. (Hector) you are absolutely right, maybe one day he will win the big one and mature like all great quarterbacks.

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