Trevor Bauer Organizing Sandlot Game During MLB Suspension

It is Saturday, March 14. We are officially on Day 2 without major sporting events going on due to the coronavirus and some MLB players are already get antsy to play some ball.

On Friday night, Atlanta Braves pitcher David Carpenter tweeted at Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer to offer the idea of trying to organize some sort of exhibition game among MLB players.

Carpenter’s tweet read, “@BauerOutage you think we could get some of the guys together at a random field in PHX and have a pickup baseball game, sandlot style?”

Now, as most fans of MLB know, the outspoken Trevor Bauer is usually the go-to man when it comes to garnering attention on the internet.

Bauer responses to the offer in the form of a quoted tweet: “I’m 100000000000000% in.”

And that is when the wheels were officially set in motion. Soon after Bauer’s confirmation on wanting this sandlot game to happen, multiple MLB players publicly voiced their opinions on Twitter, also wanting in on the action.

Bauer is the type of person that when he says something, he genuinely means it. Within the hour of replying to Carpenter’s offer, Bauer immediately took to social media to recruit other players in Arizona willing to play ball.

His tweet reads, “To any @MLB or @MiLB players in AZ who want in on this sandlot game, please respond to this tweet and @Watch_Momentum will organize with you. All pitchers and hitters will be micd up. Mandatory. Open to any other rule suggestions. Let me know!”

Pitchers and batters mic’d up? The MLB has been toying with the idea more and more to mic up players during real games but have not implemented it fully just yet. They have mic’d players during past All-Star Game events and some this Spring Training and it truthfully makes the sport 10 times more enjoyable.

10 hours after Bauer’s recruitment period started, it looks like we officially have a game on our hands.

Bauer tweeted, “Confirmed, this is happening. All content and live streams from this event will be distributed through  @Watch_Momentum and my personal channels (@Twitter, @instagram, @Facebook, and @YouTube) No further announcements will be made so follow now or risk missing it entirely.”

Now it appears time for us to sit back, wait on the next update to see when this game will take place and watch the greatest ball players on the planet suit up like they are kids again.

Sandlot style.

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