Top Remaining 2022 NBA Free Agents


With the 2022 NBA free agency underway for several weeks now, teams are already putting their final touches on their rosters before next season. However, different front offices are still looking through the remaining available free agents, hoping to add depth in various areas for their squads. Here are the top remaining NBA free agents you might be betting on with the best sportsbook in Canada next season.

Markieff Morris

Last season was forgettable for Markieff Morris. The 32-year-old power forward played 17 games following his neck injury, which forced him to stay off the Miami Heat’s squad for most of the season. This injury has affected his market value, and although he seems to have fully recovered, no teams are calling him to join them ahead of next season. However, that might change soon as the former Lakers star still has plenty to offer the basketball world.

When healthy, Morris always delivers serviceable scoring, defense, shooting, and toughness while on the court. He might not be the same player that won the NBA championship with the Lakers in 2020, but he can still deliver all these things to a certain degree.

In about 18 minutes per game, Markieff can be a passable contributor from the bench for a squad currently looking to add depth in their power forward this season. However, the 32-year-old is currently at his minimum in the financial market, as he’ll have to prove he can play at the elite level following a frustrating last season.

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony has displayed quite an incredible second act during his NBA career. After staying away from the league for the larger part of the 2018-19 season, the sure-fire power forward joined the Portland Trail Blazers, where he got a new role as a secondary scorer coming off the bench.

Most of his fans thought his career was over when he parted ways with the Houston Rockets, but he found a new role as a bench scorer. That has made him a valuable player in the league as there aren’t enough bench scorers on most rosters. Even better, Anthony is among the top remaining free agents right now.

Blake Griffin

After being a key rotational player for the Brooklyn Nets in the last two seasons, Blake Griffin is currently a free agent. The former top overall pick had a strange season last year, as he scarcely got off the bench during the playoffs. Despite his tough finish last season, he can certainly help any NBA team when put in the right role.

Griffin might not be the high-flying, athletic monster he once was because of injuries, but he has succeeded in his new role in the last few seasons. The 33-year-old can offer some solid passing and scoring while displaying passable defense from the bench. Griffin is a massive sparkplug and can undoubtedly bring his massive energy to any team that will sign him.

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