Top free agency destinations for Kyrie Irving


With free agency approaching, Kyrie Irving will be one of the most sought after players this summer. Here are what should be his top-three teams to sign with.

The NBA offseason even with no formal games provides excitement just with the off the court news. Players prepare to take on the new challenges that their careers will be with many making the decision of their careers. Teams are attempting to create a roster that is fit to win an NBA Championship.

Beyond all of that, the biggest stories of the offseason come with the NBA Free Agency. Unlike other years, this year’s class of free agent provides us the fans with one of the most potent classes in NBA History. This includes an influx of both stars and superstars from all over the NBA. Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving, and Jimmy Butler are just some of the franchise-changing players that teams will have a chance to sign this summer.

In terms of the guards available, none will be more sought after than Kyrie Irving. Coming off a rather subpar season with the Boston Celtics, it is looking more and more that Irving will look to switch jerseys this summer. During the regular season, Irving averaged 23.8 points and 5.7 assists per game. The Celtics’ season ended in five games to the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.


Now that Boston’s season is over, Irving has much to consider this summer. The former number one overall pick has the chance to switch teams, and he should. The big question is what will matter most to Irving. Is it money? Is it winning? Or does he want to be ‘the man’ again? Seeing how that panned out in Boston, there are certain teams that Irving should prioritize this summer.

Los Angeles Lakers

If you are Irving, the Lakers should be at the top of your list. And the number one reason is that LeBron James is on the team. If we look back at their history, James and Irving were one of, if not the best duo in the NBA. Their three straight NBA Finals appearance together is evidence of that. Although Irving did not play in the 2015 finals due to injury, their journey there was incredible.


In Cleveland, the two brought a franchise that was considered one of the worst in the NBA to contenders each and every year. In 2016, the team came back from a 3-1 NBA Finals deficit to win the NBA Championship. This is not about what Irving could do for the Lakers, but what the Lakers can do for him.

Los Angeles is currently the Kardashians of the NBA. But Irving recognizes the greatness that LeBron brings and how he brought him to another level. Paring Irving and James along with that young core may put the Lakers back into the championship picture. The Lakers were as high as the 4th seed before LeBron’s injury on Christmas day of last season.

Adding Irving to the roster makes the Lakers capable of winning an NBA Championship. Irving wanted to be the man on a team. And that did not work out. If he wants to win more championships and be the star we all know he is, he MUST reunite with James.

Indiana Pacers

Kyrie Irving should recognize that he cannot be the man on a team. At least without another all-star by his side. Although this is rather a surprising, Irving and the Pacers make sense. The Pacers are a team who lost their best player, Victor Oladipo, during the regular season. Despite his injury, Indiana still managed to snag the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference. Although they got swept in the first round, we can only imagine how much of a threat they would have been with Oladipo healthy. But looking at this roster and what each player brings, adding Irving will make them true conference contenders.


The idea of pairing Oladipo with Irving is more intriguing than you think. Irving would have the opportunity to be that critical scorer that we all knew him to be in Cleveland. Why? Because Oladipo will be there to compliment him. With some of the best players in the NBA, they do not receive the toughest defense matchup. This is so they have their all to give when it comes to putting the ball in the hoop. That is what Oladipo would do for Irving. Not only is he an efficient scorer, but he is an elite defender as well. Imagine having Oladipo playing that tough defense on the NBA’s biggest stars just for Irving to cap it off on the other end of the floor. Along with that, Oladipo still has the offensive skills to put the ball into the hoop as well.

The Pacers provide Irving with both money and winning. They are projected to have approximately $32,839,748 in available cap space. They do not need a star free agent to begin with, but signing Irving would be huge nonetheless.  Looking at the Pacers roster, if they can re-sign Bojan Bogdanovic, they would have Domantas Sabonis, Myles Turner, Doug McDermott, and Irving. This is without mentioning Nate McMillian who was one the league’s best coaches this season.

Utah Jazz

This is a rather underrated destination in the entire NBA landscape. But it makes sense for any star who both wants to win and receive a max contract. Utah is projected to have $33.6 million in cap space this summer. And if they do not pick up the option on Derrick Favors, that number can potentially be north of $50.5 million. That is enough for a max contract in which can/should be considered by Irving.

Utah is one of the more complete teams in the NBA. They have depth, shooting, size, and most of all elite defense. Under head coach Quin Snyder, the Jazz have been one of the better defensive teams in the NBA. Led by Donovan Mitchell, putting Irving on the Jazz would create one of the most fearsome backcourts in the NBA. Along with those two, the roster would already be comprised of defensive powerhouse Rudy Gobert, Kyle Korver, Joe Ingles, and Jae Crowder among others.

This team is already talented defensively. Offensively, they are good but not great. They only ranked 17th in points per game in the regular season. On the flip side though, they did rank 8th in assists with 26 per game. This is a team that is also one star away from being a true championship together. Irving on this team would strive as well as develop into a better defender. Not only will he be getting the money he deserves, but might even win an NBA Championship in the process.

Wrapping It Up

All three of the teams above are the teams that are best for Irving. The Knicks only have their money to boast and cannot promise Irving anything but a max contract. If we look at Brooklyn, Irving is not the player that the Nets need to become contenders in the east.

Irving is one of the best point guards in the league and must shy away from the “big market teams”. There are other teams out there, who can provide Irving more in the long run. Teams like the Pacers and the Jazz do not have the bright lights, but they do have winning basketball teams. The Lakers, Pacers, and Jazz are the teams Irving must consider this summer beyond any others.


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