Top 5 Strengths of the Carolina Panthers

Many people could easily eye a team and point out who (or what) their weaknesses and strengths are, but do they really know why? What about their own team? Let’s take a dive into what the true strengths of the Panthers are going into the 2019 season.

QB Cam Newton

This has been a hotly debated topic since he was drafted in 2011. No question Cam has exhibited inconsistency, but is it him or is it the ones who catch (or don’t catch) his passes? Let’s think about it. Former general manager Dave Gettleman bragged about shopping at the “dollar store,” and don’t teams get what they pay for? 

When he finally decided to invest in the long term of this team, he got Christian McCaffrey, except McCaffery isn’t really in a position to catch long passes so the Panthers still show weakness here. So who’s really to blame here? It’s not Cam. When Cam has the right pieces in place, his accuracy improves greatly. When he’s healthy, he’s a definite game-breaker. He can take Carolina to the promised land if Tepper can get him the right pieces. Acquiring Curtis Samuel, DJ Moore, and Ian Thomas are great steps in that direction.

OG Trai Turner

Turner is the best lineman Carolina has, ranking last season at No. 16 in the league. Is that good? No, it’s average which makes people wonder how does it compute to being a strength for Carolina? It doesn’t. What it proves is that if you have one player in your offensive line that ranks average at best, and the rest do not make the top 20, then your quarterback will not be accurate while he’s constantly running for his life. It explains why Cam isn’t a weakness. Turner also helps the run game out. A road-grader with a nasty streak to boot, he puts defenders down and out of play allowing McCaffrey to run to the right without much opposition.

MLB Luke Kuechly

Is it really necessary to point out what makes Luke great? Probably not, but here’s why just in case. According to Full Press Coverage, the Panther veteran ranked as the No. 2 middle linebacker behind Bobby Wagner this season. Although 2018 wasn’t his best season with Carolina, he was still in the top-two in the league. Enough said.

He debuted as a force from Boston College, being named Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2012, then being promoted to NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2013. When he is off the field it is extremely noticeable. Kuechly is well on his way to Canton if he can steer clear of concussions.

RB Christian McCaffrey

Going into his third season, McCaffrey has become a beast on the field. His abilities as an all-purpose back are a step above most others. He had a quiet rookie season, but for his sophomore campaign, the NFL got a taste of what a true running back is for the type of offense that the Carolina Panthers want to run. For a team that likes to run first and pass second, he’s the perfect fit.

He ranked in stats in the middle of the pack, but he moved up from No. 58 in 2017 to No. 14 in 2018. He finished 2018 as a stud both in reality for the Panthers and in fantasy football with 14 Touchdowns, seven rushing, six receiving, and even one passing, and over 2000 all-purpose yards. Just imagine what he will do for this team with more time with offensive coordinator Norv Turner in 2019.

Owner David Tepper

When Tepper purchased the Carolina Panthers in 2018, the Panthers fan base didn’t know what to expect and were concerned about the future in Carolina. What they received in return for their faith is an owner who has embraced the Carolinas as a whole, both the culture and passion. He has a goal to make the Carolina Panthers the best in the world. Panther fans need to remember the adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

He won’t allow the Panthers to go into “cap hell,” but he will make sure the quality of their decision-making isn’t made in the parking lot of the dollar store. He comes from a winning culture and he is infusing that into Carolina and the Panthers. Panther fans need to have faith in the process and trust he has what’s best in mind for them going forward.

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