Top 5 MVP Candidates through Week 12


Sixteen of the last 20 MVP winners have been a quarterback. Although it is predominately the best quarterback award, one player is trying to squeeze out the win.

However, with the season three-fourths of the way over, the MVP race slimmed to two front-runners.

Yet, three others sit behind with a short time to make a gigantic leap.


Who are the top five MVP candidates?

5. Deshaun Watson, QB, Houston Texans

Watson was on pace to win the MVP a few years ago until he tore his ACL. He is a top seven statistician in several categories. Watson places top seven in touchdowns (20), passing yard (2,899), air yards to stick (0.3), completion percentage over expectation (3.1).


He has one of the best receivers in the quarterback, but his QBR shows he can utilize other teammates to boost the rating. His rushing game is not similar to Lamar Jackson, but he can add to the ground game.

Besides the Seattle Seahawks, Watson and the Texans are the best teams to come back from deficits at halftime. Watson is one of the quarterbacks who can play a full 60 minutes. He never takes the Texans out of contention as they sit at the top of the AFC South currently.

Overall, Watson wants to bring greatness to Houston. It won’t be a title yet, but an MVP award is a small step for the considerable future.

4. Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City Chiefs

Nearly any player who was injured is erased from MVP awards in any sport. Yet, Mahomes is not any other player. The reigning MVP glimpses back-to-back MVPs and was the front runner before his injury.


The strong-arm bazooka is top five in intended yards in the air as well as completes passes at an average of 6.2 yards. He sits with over 2,800 yards in the air too.

Besides the massive arm, he has one of the best quarterback ratings with 110 and carries a 19:2 touchdown-to-interception ration.

Although he sits with the 16th most passing attempts, his options in Kansas City post him at top 3 for average yards per game. He is a gold mine fantasy star that makes people consider taking him first overall in fantasy next season.

Overall, do not sleep on the no looker slipping up the rankings.

3. Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers

McCaffrey is the only non-quarterback to crack the top five.

Why did he break through the MVP race?

He is the best all-around offensive player in the NFL. McCaffrey could line up as a No. 2 receiver, a receiving back, elusive back, punt/kick returner, and possibly play defense if the Panthers asked him to.

He leads the NFL in rushing yards (1,121), touchdowns (12), and second in rushing yards per attempt (5.1). McCaffrey’s air game places him at 37th in the NFL with 586 yards.

The speedy back runs smoothly in Ron Rivera’s college-style system. Plus, without Cam Newton, quarterback Kyle Allen relies on McCaffrey. McCaffrey led the Panthers to their most recent win and a winning record.

Overall, if the award went to the actual most valuable player, McCaffrey would sit up top for nearly every list created.

2. Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks

It’s a tossup between him and No. 1. Depending on the week, Wilson jumps to the first spot. Yet, the fifth-highest in passing yards makes a case for a surprising hot Seahawks. Wilson’s stats are amazing, but MVP races come to a few standards: resumé (stats), the strength of schedule, record of the team, and the eye test.

Wilson and the Seahawks sit second in all these categories. A great win against the 49ers build the schedule and record, his top tier stats, and his scrambling and maneuvering are one of a kind.

Nevertheless, one sits higher.

1. Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens

Jackson is completing the MVP race for a dual-threat QB that Vick could never win. By the end of the season, Jackson is eyeing 3,000 yards in the air and about 1,200 rushing yards.

The highlight factory is untouchable in the Ravens offense built around him. His accuracy is always questioned, however, his touchdowns are unmatched. His 25 total touchdowns place him over Wilson. Plus, putting 41 on Watson’s Texans is a statement. His multiple touchdown game is unbeatable.

Compared to Wilson, Jackson has one bad game this season, throwing one touchdown and three interceptions against the Steelers.

Overall, Jackson is revolutionizing the NFL and deserves recognition. Despite the credit, he is not the surefire pick as Wilson sits behind firmly.


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