Top 3 Most Interesting Matchups of the 2020 NFL Season

With the 2020 NFL schedule out and all of the leaks confirmed, it’s time to analyze the three most intriguing matchups set up for this season.

No. 1. – Every game involving Tom Brady

Here are all of the matchups between Brady and other star quarterbacks that I find intriguing: Drew Brees (twice), Matt Ryan (twice), Aaron Rodgers in Week 6, and Patrick Mahomes in Week 12.

Brady will win at least one game between divisional rivals Ryan and Brees, but I’m reluctant to predict a sweep against either of them. He will also lose the matchup against Rodgers, but then easily defeat the younger Mahomes.

Though the Buccaneers’ upcoming season looks bright, many have questions about the team’s defense. Bruce Arians and Brady will have their offense ready to go, but Arians’ squads are rarely known for their defensive prowess. The Bucs will make the playoffs in 2020, but their future behind the first round is suspect.

No. 2 – The first eight games for the Green Bay Packers

This isn’t technically a single game, but let’s see why their schedule is intriguing.

The first eight games for Green Bay are:

That is one crazy stretch to start the season, especially with the end of that run pitting them against the 49ers on the road on short rest. That game will likely not go well for Green Bay, but thankfully they’ll be able to weather the initial storm of the schedule. The second half for Green Bay looks much more manageable, and they appear poised to become NFC North champions again.

No. 3 – Patrick Mahomes versus Lamar Jackson in Week 3

This is clearly the most exciting matchup of the entire year. Not only will the Chiefs’ defense determine whether Lamar Jackson will have a slump or suffer from the Madden curse, but the two star quarterbacks will go head to head in a key matchup that could determine the top seed in the AFC.

This game will come down to turnovers. While it may seem obvious, whoever can take care of the ball better will win this game.

With the AFC East now wide open and the NFC South newly competitive, the NFL is set to have a fascinating season. Regardless of whether there are fans in the stands, there will be plenty of exciting games in 2020.

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