Three years later did the Los Angeles Rams make the right choice


Brendan Abban| June 8th, 2019

Three years ago, the Los Angeles Rams took Jared Goff with the number one overall pick. It was a draft choice that came down to Goff and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. Both have had success at this point in their careers but with the Eagles signing Wentz to a four-year, $128 million extension. It warrants the question of whether or not the Rams took the right quarterback.

It was so long ago that it is easy to forget how the Rams got the first pick. Los Angeles moved up from the 15th pick by trading six total picks to the Tennesse Titans to get the first pick. The Rams made that move with all but a guarantee that they would take Goff with the first pick.


However, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher was very high on Wentz at the time.

“I love Carson Wentz,” said Fisher per

It is easy to understand why he did. Wentz was touted as the quarterback with the higher ceiling and more natural talent. His powerful arm and athletic running ability were all staples of Fisher’s quarterbacks in the past.



Although, Goff would be the Rams’ choice. He fit the situation a relocating Rams team was going into. California kid with a cool head that does not get too high or too low. Very little rattles Goff regardless of circumstance. A trait the Rams favored. Goff’s pinpoint accuracy coming out of Cal was a big reason as well.

It is a choice that Rams fans may have been skeptical of after Goff’s rookie season. In seven starts he threw for five touchdowns, seven interceptions, and 1,089 yards. Not to mention an abysmal 18.9 quarterback rating, 63.6 passer rating, while completing 54.6% of his passes.

A bit of a contrast from Wentz who in 16 starts threw for 16 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, and 3,782 yards. Wentz had a 49.4 quarterback rating, 79.3 passer rating, and completed 62.4% of his passes.

The Rams certainly regret their choice if rookie seasons decided careers. However, it was clear that Goff was not in a situation that was conducive to his success. Which led to the Rams firing Fisher and hiring current head coach Sean McVay.


Since McVay’s hiring, Goff’s regular season record is 24-7. He also threw for 8,492 yards, 60 touchdowns, 19 interceptions, and is completing 63.6% of his passes. His passer rating with McVay has also skied to 100.8.

Wentz’s numbers are comparable to Goff’s in his own right over the last two seasons. One of those years being MVP caliber prior to a season-ending injury. He has thrown for 6,370 yards, 54 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions completing 64.7% of his passes. In those two years, his regular season record is 16-8 with a 102 passer rating.

It is undeniable both players have been nothing short of great early on in their careers. However, it is easy for one to surmise Goff has played in much more meaningful football games.

The postseason is where every quarterback aims to make a name for himself. A period of football Goff has been able to partake in on four separate occasions in two separate trips. The most recent playoff run resulting in a Super Bowl berth.

In four playoff games, Goff has thrown for 971 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions completing 55% of his passes. He also has a postseason passer rating of 73.6 and a 2-2 record. It is evident Goff has struggled in the postseason. However, it is an invaluable experience for a quarterback.

Wentz has yet to play in a playoff game. The main reason for that being injury. In 2017 Wentz was hurt in Week 14 coincidentally against the Rams. He missed what would turn into a Super Bowl run for the Eagles.

Then last season he got hurt in Week 14 again despite only playing 11 games. The biggest issue for Wentz has been his availability.

He has only played in 65% of the Eagles total games in the last two years. Versus Goff who has played in every game the past two years except one.

Wentz must still prove he can lead a Super Bowl contender in the postseason. Let alone, stay healthy to make it to the playoffs.

Both franchises are poised for success with their two starting quarterbacks. It is hard to imagine that the Rams regret their choice on draft day with all that Goff has done. The Rams true endorsement of Goff will come in his next contract.

Wentz got his contract early, showing the Eagles have completely bought in. The Rams still have a decision to make on whether or not they are.

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