The Greatest Team of All Time: The Finals


Round of 32 Results:

96 Packers: 9
86 Giants: 0

In a slugfest for the ages, the Packers prevail on a trio of second-half field goals.

91 Redskins: 15
78 Steelers: 14

After trailing 14-9 for much of the half, Mark Rypien scored on a quarterback sneak, giving Washington a lead they would not relinquish.

73 Dolphins: 3
98 Broncos: 34


The Dolphins led going into the third quarter, but the Broncos scored four consecutive touchdowns on offense and added a pick-six in the second half.

42 Bears: 14
89 49ers: 22

The Bears had little success stopping Joe Montana and Jerry Rice as the duo led the 49ers to six total scoring drives.

03 Patriots: 3
85 Bears: 25


Richard Dent outscored the Patriots by himself as he registered a safety and a pick-six. Up 9-3 after one quarter, the Bears added a trio of field goals and a late touchdown to ensure the 22-point win.

75 Vikings: 37
15 Broncos: 12

Fran Tarkenton fired a pair of touchdowns in the first and third quarters, presenting the Vikings with a 37-6 lead entering the fourth quarter.


13 Broncos: 48
98 Vikings: 25

Down 27-19, the Vikings scored a touchdown before failing on the two-point conversion. In a matter of three minutes, the Broncos had two offensive plays, scoring on both, and forcing two turnovers, including a pick-six.

67 Raiders: 6
88 49ers: 27

Joe Montana and the Niners scored touchdowns on their first three possessions, holding a double-digit lead for the remainder of the game.

83 Raiders: 0
84 49ers: 30

Jim Plunkett threw six interceptions with three being returned for touchdowns as the Niners roll.

72 Dolphins: 20
77 Cowboys: 37

Tony Dorsett ran for more than 200 yards and three touchdowns as the Cowboys push the Dolphins to the brink of elimination.

16 Patriots: 28
04 Patriots: 17

The elder Tom Brady outdoes his younger self, cashing in on four touchdowns.

99 Rams: 17
07 Patriots: 24

A Rodney Harrison interception in the dying moments of regulation set the Patriots up inside the 10-yard line. Sammy Morris found the end zone, giving the Patriots a late win.

17 Eagles: 21
68 Jets: 13

Nick Foles tossed two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, flipping a six-point deficit into an eight-point win.

15 Panthers: 12
06 Chargers: 17

A two-touchdown first quarter put the Chargers in an unassailable position as a late stop allows the Chargers into the second round.

84 Dolphins: 26
93 Cowboys: 21

Dan Marino flexes his MVP muscle, orchestrating three touchdowns as the Cowboys failed to execute down the stretch.

79 Steelers: 0
71 Cowboys: 10

Roger Staubach hit Bob Hayes for the game’s only touchdown as the Cowboys shut out the Steelers.

Losers Round 1 Results:

86 Giants: 13
78 Steelers: 30

Lynn Swann and John Stallworth caught two touchdowns each, helping the Steelers to a three-score win.

73 Dolphins: 16
42 Bears: 3

Leading 9-3 leading into the fourth quarter, Larry Csonka and the Dolphins found the end zone to close out a victory.

15 Broncos: 13
03 Patriots: 21

After falling to a 13-0 deficit in the early moments of the game, Brady executed flawless management of the action, adding a touchdown in each of the final three quarters.

98 Vikings: 17
67 Raiders: 7

Randy Moss slipped open for a pair of late touchdowns, flipping a Raiders lead into a Vikings win.

83 Raiders: 10
72 Dolphins: 9

Garo Yepremian shanks a critical extra point, allowing a win for the Raiders.

04 Patriots: 24
99 Rams: 31

The Greatest Show on Turf recorded over 500 yards of total offense as Marshall Faulk scored three times.

68 Jets: 16
15 Panthers: 13

Tied at 10 entering overtime, a Graham Garo field goal was answered with a Joe Namath touchdown run.

93 Cowboys: 17
79 Steelers: 45

Terry Bradshaw launches six touchdowns as the Steelers massacre the Cowboys.

Winners Octofinals Results:

96 Packers: 27
91 Redskins: 26

Trailing 26-14, Brett Favre connected for a pair of touchdown passes to pull out the late win.

98 Broncos: 20
89 49ers: 21

Montana out-dueled Elway, leading a game-winning field goal drive in the final seconds.

75 Vikings: 0
85 Bears: 20

Richard Dent continues his stellar showcase, recording five sacks and another defensive touchdown.

13 Broncos: 20
88 49ers: 14

On the first play of overtime, Peyton Manning finds Demaryius Thomas for a walk-off touchdown

84 49ers: 42
77 Cowboys: 28

Montana connects with Dwight Clark for three touchdowns, helping the Niners to another win.

16 Patriots: 7
07 Patriots: 16

In another duel of Tom Brady clones, 07 Brady salvages a questionable first half by leading the Patriots on a 13-0 run to close the game.

17 Eagles: 21
06 Chargers: 30

Both offenses scored 21 points, but a Chargers special teams touchdown and safety contributed to the nine-point win.

84 Dolphins: 10
71 Cowboys: 26

Marino tosses three picks with each leading to Cowboy field goals. The Dolphins failed to come back from down 19 at the half.

Losers Round 2 Results:

84 Dolphins: 13
78 Steelers: 20

Marino tosses three more interceptions as the Dolphins choke away a chance to send the game to overtime.

17 Eagles: 3
73 Dolphins: 19

Larry Csonka falls into the end zone twice, helping the Dolphins to survive another game.

16 Patriots: 24
03 Patriots: 3

Young Brady completed only nine passes to his own team, tossing three to the ’16 Patriots in defeat.

77 Cowboys: 17
98 Vikings: 20

Gary Anderson hits the game-tying and game-winning field goals in the final three minutes as a Staubach interception downs the Cowboys.

88 49ers: 16
83 Raiders: 32

Marcus Allen scores a touchdown in each quarter as the Raiders defeat their California competition.

75 Vikings: 23
99 Rams: 20

Fran Tarkenton found the end zone on a sneak attempt, giving the Vikings a win.

98 Broncos: 6
68 Jets: 38

As six Elway passes were intercepted, Broadway Joe and the Jets survive.

91 Redskins: 27
79 Steelers: 9

Washington scored a touchdown in each quarter, extending the lead from five to 18 in the second half.

Losers Round 3 Results:

78 Steelers: 20
73 Dolphins: 23

Csonka slipped his way into the end zone twice as the Dolphins escape a threat in overtime.

16 Patriots: 17
98 Vikings: 14

Stephen Gostkowski nails a game-winning field goal as time expires, knocking out the Vikings.

83 Raiders: 10
75 Vikings: 6

A Marcus Allen 76-yard touchdown run secures the win for the Raiders.

68 Jets: 16
91 Redskins: 30

Art Monk and Gary Clark haul in a touchdown each as the Redskins overcome the Jets.

Winners Quarterfinals Results:

96 Packers: 27
89 49ers: 10

The legend of Don Beebe grows as the former Bill scores on a kickoff return and a reception, leading the Packers to a three-score victory.

85 Bears: 14
13 Broncos: 24

Manning finds three different receivers for third-quarter touchdowns as the Broncos progress.

84 49ers: 33
07 Patriots: 21

Wendell Tyler and Roger Craig combine for 200 yards from scrimmage and four touchdowns as the Niners eliminate the Patriots.

06 Chargers: 17
71 Cowboys: 14

The LaDainian Tomlinson show continues as the MVP runs for two more touchdowns, pushing the Chargers into the semifinals.

Losers Round 4 Results:

85 Bears: 6
73 Dolphins: 21

Despite the best efforts of the likes of Richard Dent and Mike Singletary, the Bears cannot stop Larry Csonka who runs for 150 yards and two fourth-quarter touchdowns.

89 49ers: 21
16 Patriots: 20

Down six with three minutes to go, Montana engineers a drive for the ages as the Niners score as Tom expires to defeat the Patriots.

71 Cowboys: 23
83 Raiders: 3

Roger Staubach found the end zone with three different pass catchers as the Cowboys bludgeon the Raiders.

07 Patriots: 39
91 Redskins: 36

In one of the most entertaining games of the series, the Patriots recover from being down 36-14 at the beginning of the second half. Brady rattled off three consecutive touchdown drives before placing Gostkowski within range to knock off the Redskins.

Losers Round 5:

73 Dolphins: 17
89 49ers: 31

Jerry Rice hauls in a touchdown in each quarter as the Dolphins fall.

71 Cowboys: 0
07 Patriots: 23

Continuing from their dominant second half in their previous game, the Patriots steamroll the Cowboys, scoring in each quarter.

Winners Semifinals Results:

96 Packers: 20
13 Broncos: 24

Tied at 14 entering the fourth quarter, the teams traded field goals before a second Packer field goal was surpassed by a Knowshon Moreno touchdown run.

84 49ers: 26
06 Chargers: 32

Both teams connected on four field goals, but a Tomlinson touchdown run in overtime gave the win to the Chargers.

Losers Round 6 Results:

84 49ers: 31
89 49ers: 37

In yet another overtime game, the 89 Niners prevailed through a dominant performance by Joe Montana and his 347 yards and pair of touchdowns.

96 Packers: 16
07 Patriots: 13

A Gostkowski missed 52-yard kick ends the run of the Patriots.

Losers Round 7 Result:

89 49ers: 13
96 Packers: 20

Antonio Freeman only caught two passes, but he recorded 137 yards and two touchdowns on said passes, pushing the Packers into the Loser Finals.

Winners Final:

13 Broncos: 31
06 Chargers: 28

As both teams reeled off 600 total yards of offense, a go-ahead touchdown by Antonio Gates was answered with a Peyton Manning onslaught in the final two minutes, securing a game-winning touchdown.

Losers Round 8:

06 Chargers: 23
96 Packers: 26

A trio of Tomlinson touchdown runs were ruined by a steely Brett Favre drive to win the game and send the Packers to the title game.


13 Broncos: 21
96 Packers: 37

Favre, the MVP of the simulation, stole the show with four electric touchdown passes as the Broncos trailed by double-digits for most of the night at the Georgia Dome.

So, folks, the 1996 Green Bay Packers are the greatest football team of all time. Thanks for following along!


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