The Best 5 Fantasy Football RB Seasons Ever

the best 5 fantasy football rb seasons ever

With the advancements of internet technology, choosing a pastime in today’s world is not a difficult task. Whether you like playing slot machines at or virtual football games, all the options are there for you. If you are into the latter, then you’d definitely want to check out fantasy football.

When playing fantasy football, you act as an owner or manager of a virtual NFL team. If you are a pro in the game, then you must be thriving in your league. However, for the novices, why not learn from the best? Here are the five best outstanding seasons in fantasy football.

LaDainian Tomlinson, RB- 443.8 points in 2003 with San Diego Chargers

LaDainian Tomlinson is arguably the most prominent running back in the history of the game. The 2003 fantasy football season was one of his best where he led his team, the San Diego Chargers to scoop the top honors. He finished the season with a total of 443.8 points.

Breaking it down, Tomlinson ended the 2003 campaign with 725 receiving yards, 1,645 rushing yards, and 17 total touchdowns. Apart from this, he also managed 100 catches, the second-best to have ever attained that benchmark.

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Priest Holmes, RB- 445 points in 2003 with Kansas City Chiefs

Priest Holmes’ 2002 season was not good as he missed his last two games, which really disappointed his owners. However, the player returned with a bang in 2003 when he accumulated a total of 445 points while playing with the Kansas City Chiefs. This translated to 31.48 points per fantasy game, the third most since 2000.

Holmes finished the season with 2,110 yards from scrimmage. This includes 1,420 rushing yards plus 690 receiving yards. In addition, he was also great in the passing game, managing 70 catches and 27 rushing touchdowns. Although he later suffered some injuries which affected his career, his 2003 season remains one of the best.

Marshall Faulk, RB- 459.9 points in 2000 with St. Louis Rams

Although Faulk didn’t play all games in 2000, he still makes it to the top five. The player managed to produce 830 receiving yards and 1,359 rushing yards on the ground. In addition, he also managed 253 carries, 81 catches, and 26 touchdowns. In total, Faulk amassed 459.9 points while playing with St. Louis Rams during that season.

This is an average of about 32.85 fantasy points per game, more than what Tomlinson got that year. Although the player faltered in his first few games, he performed to every owner’s expectations throughout the season. Additionally, his team may not have entered the Super Bowl that year, but he really led it to an impressive finish.

Christian McCaffrey, RB- 471.2 points in 2019 with Carolina Panthers

Christian McCaffrey did wonders during the 2019 season while playing for the Carolina Panthers. He accumulated a total of 471.2 fantasy points, 10 points less than the most ever produced in the history of fantasy football. This resulted from the more than 1,000 receiving yards and 1,000 rushing yards that he achieved.

Because of that, McCaffrey became the third athlete in history to achieve that feat. Apart from that, he also managed a record-breaking 116 catches along with his 19 touchdowns. Although the number of touchdowns achieved was 14 less than that of Tomlinson, McCaffrey still remains a great talent and one of the clear-cut top picks.

LaDainian Tomilson, RB- 481.1 points in 2006 with San Diego Chargers

Tomlinson’s record-setting 2006 fantasy season was one of the greatest of all time. The top-rated running back scored a whopping 481.1 points that year, a record that has not been broken since. He led the league with 1,805 rushing yards, 2,323 all-purpose yards, and 33 touchdowns while playing with the Chargers.

In addition, Tomlinson also managed 348 carries and 56 catches. His prowess led to him winning the MVP as well as the Offensive Player of the Year in that season. Tomlinson was always an unstoppable force, and we highly doubt that we will see another player of his stature soon.


There are plenty of memorable seasons in the history of fantasy football. However, there are some that are considered to be the best of all time. Concerning record-setting seasons, we can say the aforementioned gave us the most spectacular viewing experiences that we can remember.

Having said that, fantasy football is one of the greatest and popular pastimes. It is also a tough game, but a momentous season from one player can deliver a team to a championship. Currently, 100 seasons have been played, and we can only expect more action in the future.

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