Teams Targeting the Golden State Warriors


The Golden State Warriors will have serious competition next season, but that’s been true since 2015, and they still won four titles handily. They are a model franchise of the modern NBA, with an aggressive front office, creative coaching staff, and proper player development. They look so dominant right now but all that did was paint a big target on their back. Naturally, every team will now be focusing on them. Here are five teams who want to go out there and face the Warriors as soon as possible for different reasons.

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Charlotte Hornets

Kenny Atkinson just backed out of a deal to coach the Hornets and decided to stay with the Warriors. Will Michael Jordan take that personally? Jordan, who owns the Hornets, might let this one go but some of the fans might have a hard time forgiving Atkinson. Fans were probably hyped up about having a title-winning assistant as their coach for next season but Atkinson’s change of mind-wiped that excitement away. Charlotte’s fans are now eager for an early-season win against the Warriors.

Sacramento Kings

Coach Mike Brown, former assistant coach of the Warriors, will try to end Sacramento’s streak of missing the playoffs. It would be a good start to the season if the Kings won one game against the champions. Fans are thinking that Brown will already know how to stop the Warriors since he will have knowledge of how they work. A win will certainly raise their level of expectation and would easily provide an extra boost for the entire season.

Memphis Grizzlies

When the Warriors won, Klay Thompson immediately talked about the Grizzlies. He mentioned about one Memphis player who placed a “Strength in Numbers” post on social media. For those who are not familiar, that was Golden State’s slogan, and that Memphis player posted it online, as a form of mockery, after beating the Warriors during one of their games. Why did that post bother Thompson? Did the Grizzlies give the Warriors such a hard time all season? If that was the case, then fans of both teams will be lining up to watch their matchups again.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves just added Rudy Gobert which is their way of saying “we are trying to improve” to their fans. The best way to try out their new weapon is to play against the defending champs. They might not win but it will be a good test for their new-look squad. Minnesota’s fans, who are tired of hearing those jokes about how their team “helped” the Warriors become a dynasty by not drafting Stephen Curry, are looking forward to that first game against Golden State. Maybe an experienced Anthony Edwards teaming up with the defensive-minded Gobert could be the start of something special.

Boston Celtics

They just lost in the NBA Finals and you will forgive them if they want to play the Warriors again. The Celtics would probably play the Warriors tomorrow if you asked them to. That loss is still fresh in their minds and the only way to erase that pain is to win again. Even if it is just a regular-season win in the early parts of next season, they will take it. It is all about revenge this time.

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