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Yelling From The Bench: Lou Williams & His $150K Wings

Why is Clippers’ Lou Williams willing to pay a premium to pay for wings?

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Prime Time Sports Talk Announces Merger With The Scorecrow

In a historic move, Prime Time Sports Talk has merged with The Scorecrow.

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The Scorecrow Top 100 NFL Players #40-21

The writers at TheScorecrow.com decided to get together and come up with their version of a Top 100 NFL players from the 2018 season. Each writer was invited to submit a ranked list of their top 25 NFL players. The votes were then counted using a weighted average method. This means that a 1st place vote was worth more than a 25th place vote.

Players ranked 1st on a list received 25 points, 2nd = 24 points and so on down to 1 point for a 25th place vote. Each players points were added up and then listed from least to most to generate our list of top 100 players. The top few players were fairly common on all the lists, but after that it was interesting. We hope you enjoy our rankings and would love to read your comments on our list. Special thanks to Beth Sullivan for tabulating the votes and getting this project together.

TheScorecrow.com Writers

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