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Top 10 Single Player Performances in Super Bowl History

Over the years, there have been classic games and some that are snoozers. What fans remember the most about the Super Bowl is the performances of the players on the field. These players were game changers and carried their teams to Super Bowl titles.

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The Best of the 1990s American Football Era

Silvia Guevara writes about the 1990s era of American Football, which she remembers fondly.

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How the Quarterback Position has Changed: 1990-2001

Boy, have things changed since the first version of this article went out, the NFL went from almost exclusively running the football, to finally swinging the ratio of plays towards the pass. In the 4th time frame of this series, however, things started to get crazy for the pass. Teams started to center their offense around the pass, like the run-and-shoot offense that some teams ran.

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