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Week 2 In Review: Buy Low, Sell High, Cut Bait

Not to say that pitching sucks, but pitching has kinda sucked this year. With more rumors of a rebirth of the juiced baseball, more elite pitchers are getting shelled and leaving their starts earlier than expected, while elite names and young prospects are flourishing. The following point totals are from a standard head to head CBS points league.

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7&7: 7 Hottest Hitters of The Week

Austin Meadows
If you were to ask anyone which team would have the best winning percentage almost three weeks into the season, would you guess it was Tampa Bay Rays? Not you didn’t, don’t lie. The recently have won six of their last seven and Meadows was a significant contributor.

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Top 5 Prospect series: New York Mets

The Mets only have two prospects in the top 100. I feel bad for Mets fans because they’ve lost so much recently and haven’t gotten much in return, in terms of players or team success. In my opinion, Mets fans will be waiting a while for their franchise to be successful but I’ve been known to be wrong here and there.

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