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Nike, FedEx Among Brands Halting Support of Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins have faced criticism for a long time due to their team name and logo. Now, several major brands are taking a stand in hopes of implementing change.

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‘Last Dance’ Recap: Episodes 5 and 6

Now that the NFL Draft is over, “The Last Dance” is needed even more to feed the world’s appetite for sports content. The fifth and sixth episodes of the 10-part docu-series on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dove into the 1992 and 1993 NBA Finals, the “Dream Team,” and more so than any episode before, Michael Jordan off the court.

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The Business Beyond the Baskets: Shoe Deals

Basketball is so much more than just entertainment, there’s a massive business behind the scenes. For most spectators going to a game, they think they’re going to marvel over a player’s athleticism, they don’t realize that in reality, they’re watching a live commercial. For shoe companies, these athletes are a prime spotlight for their product. The NBA is a direct marketing opportunity for shoe companies that generate billions of dollars annually and fight tooth and nail for the NBA’s big-time player endorsements. So, how big is the sneaker industry in the NBA, and how has it changed throughout time?

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