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New Orleans Saints 2021 Team Preview

There are a lot of new faces in the Big Easy this season and some big names will be missing for a bit, but the Saints still have some top-end skilled talent to make the playoffs.

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Buffalo Bills 2019 Team Preview

Because the Buffalo Bills don’t play in a big market city or have a flashy superstar, people tend to overlook them. They made the playoffs two years ago with a bit of help from Tyler Boyd and Andy Dalton, but last year wasn’t quite as successful. They had a second-year head coach and a rookie quarterback with very little offensive line help. This year there are no excuses. Josh Allen has spent ample time in the Buffalo system to familiarize himself with the expectations of the coaching staff and of the fans. He also has some weapons and some protection now. Everything is set up for another Buffalo playoff appearance, but can they follow through?

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