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The Squeeze: MLB Trade Deadline

The Chicago Cubs dismantled their 2016 World Series team at the MLB Trade Deadline and starrs flew all over! With the deadline passed, there was plenty for The Squeeze to discuss in their trade deadline show. Check us out on

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2021 MLB Trade Deadline Preview: New York Yankees

The 2021 New York Yankees have been awful, and there is no way around it. There are a lot of questions surrounding this team, and GM Brian Cashman has to maneuver them while potentially being on the hot seat.

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MLB Trade Market Status Ahead of July 30 Deadline

The 2021 MLB Trade Deadline is set for July 30, a date that’s much different than what it was in 2020. It’s a return to normalcy. Still, the sharp increase in players on the IL compared to past years is bound to add a fascinating twist to the equation. 

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