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The Squeeze: MLB Trade Deadline

The Chicago Cubs dismantled their 2016 World Series team at the MLB Trade Deadline and starrs flew all over! With the deadline passed, there was plenty for The Squeeze to discuss in their trade deadline show. Check us out on

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The Squeeze: Episode 10 | Glasnow Calls Out MLB and Dream HR Derby Lineups

After an arm injury, Tyler Glasnow called out the MLB during a team press conference. Tyler and Logan take a look at the sticky stuff issue in Major League Baseball and create their dream HR Derby Lineups. You can check

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The Squeeze: Episode 6 | LA Storylines and New York Drama

In the sixth episode of The Squeeze, Tyler and Logan have LA Storylines and New York Drama to analyze. With plenty of action in the last few weeks, the two break down Albert Pujols moving to the Dodgers and more.

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