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2022 Kansas City Royals Top 5 Prospects

The Kansas City Royals have loaded up their farm system over the past few years. Of their eight first-round picks from 2017-2020, four of them have made the majors and three others are on this list.

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Kansas City Royals Top 5 Prospects Post-Trade Deadline

It is no secret that the Kansas City Royals love drafting pitchers. They have a deep farm system though, and it isn’t all pitching either. In fact, four of the players on this list are hitters.

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Kansas City Royals Top 5 Prospects

After making it to the World Series in back to back years and winning the World Series in 2015, the Royals have found themselves needing to reboot. Being a smaller market team, it’s tough for them to pay boatloads of money in free agency. That makes it essential for them to take advantage of their player development system. If they can get some of the younger guys correct that won’t cost them as much money, they can be legitimate contenders again.

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