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2022 St. Louis Cardinals Top 5 Prospects

The St. Louis Cardinals always put a good team on the field. In 2022, the Cardinals could see a couple more prospects make their mark in the majors.

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Analyzing the Rays’ Acquisition of José Martinez, Randy Arozarena

The Tampa Bay Rays shocked many when they traded pitching prospect Matthew Liberatore. Here’s a look at what they got in return and how it will impact the club now and in the future.

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Tampa Bay Rays Top 5 Prospects

The Tampa Bay Rays have developed an impressive Minor league system. They are currently ranked the #4 best farm team in baseball, with their Top 6 Prospects all solidified in MLB’s Top 100 Prospect List.  While they have efficiently developed their homegrown talent, they have done equally as well among their international signings. The Rays are on the rise and they have established themselves as contenders for years to come.

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